8 Professions with High Workers’ Comp Claim Rates!

Workers' Comp

Many professions are known for being incredibly hazardous. While many of the positions on this list seem like no-brainers, others tend to surprise people with how dangerous they can be.

For those that are curious, here are eight professions that have high workers’ comp claim rates throughout the United States. Some professions do have high compensation but do pose a lot of threat to safety. That is why hiring injury lawyers is a must in case someone gets involved in an accident, and in this case, during working hours.

1. Construction Workers

Construction work requires workers to handle heavy machinery, uniquely dangerous tasks, and sometimes high-height work. Falls from up high, and machinery malfunctions are two of the most common injuries associated with the construction industry.

However, there are plenty of other dangers that go along with the job, including falling debris. Because of how often workers are injured on construction sites, these workers have some of the highest workers’ comp claim rates in the entire country. 

2. Farmers

Both ranchers and farmers deal with complex environments, machinery, tasks, and animals daily. Especially for workers who are inexperienced, or who behave negligently on the job, injuries can be commonplace. Threshers, wheel loaders, and other machinery can be especially dangerous.

Understanding how to do the work safely is a key part of working on a farm or ranch as a profession. Workers’ comp lawyers are more likely to become involved in these injuries due to the often smaller population of farm and ranch workforces. 

3. Loggers

Logging is perhaps the most dangerous job in the nation. Unfortunately, logging injuries tend to be extreme, and even deadly, in most cases. Dismemberments, implements, crushed body parts, and serious blunt force injuries are all associated with the job.

The dangerous equipment that is used throughout the day on logging job sites makes the profession that much more frightening. However, since injuries are commonplace, it’s often easier for loggers to successfully file workers’ comp claims. 

4. Vehicle Operators 

Any person who drives a vehicle for a living is at a higher risk of being injured on the job. Truck drivers, in particular, are exposed to dangerous conditions on the road daily.

The often long hours that truck drivers are forced to work make the chance of exhaustion or distraction-related injuries jump to high, concerning numbers. Pilots are also known to have high workers’ comp rates, due to the sometimes dangerous nature of flying professionally. 

5. Law Enforcement 

Because law enforcement personnel have to deal with dangerous situations frequently, they are also widely known to be more likely to file a workers’ comp claim. EMTs, firefighters, and other emergency personnel are considered high-risk workers as well.

Because they put their lives on the line to keep the public safe, it’s all the more tragic when they’re injured as they carry out their duty. Gun violence, violent confrontations, and building debris-related injuries are all major risks for these public safety professionals. 

6. Miners

While mining is much safer than it once was, it remains one of the most hazard-filled jobs in America. Unfortunately, cave-ins, shaft collapse accidents, heavy machinery accidents, and carbon monoxide poisoning remain fairly commonplace for mining workers.

Because these injuries and afflictions can cause miners to require long recovery periods, they are often known to file workers’ comp claims after being injured on the job. Thankfully, more and more safety protocols are being put in place every year to keep miners safer as they work.

7. Health Care Workers 

While many people are surprised by this fact, healthcare workers are actually one of the most likely groups to file a workers’ comp claim. Because they are frequently exposed to sometimes-dangerous diseases and have to work long hours, healthcare workers deal with many more hazards than you’d expect them to.

Additionally, back injuries are common, as lifting patients and helping them move around is a common task for many healthcare workers. The Covid-19 pandemic increased the number of healthcare workers filing for workers’ comp claims significantly over the last few years. 

8. Manufacturing Workers 

Factories are typically filled to the brim with heavy machinery and potentially-dangerous equipment. When a worker fails to stay safe during their daily duties, they put themselves and their co-workers at serious risk. Because unions are more likely to exist on factory floors, these workers often have greater access to successfully filing (and receiving) workers’ comp claims. 

Every Job Can Be Dangerous

Even if you work in a field not listed above, like the military, your job can prove to be extremely dangerous. Knowing that you always have options when it comes to workers’ comp and personal injury claims is of utmost importance. When you’re injured on the job through negligence or company policy, you should seek legal assistance with your situation ASAP.

Workers’ Comp article and permission to publish here provided by Daniyal Pervez. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on November 20, 2022.