3 Reasons Why You Should Use Proxies!


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The role of the internet is to furnish you with any amount of data you need continually. And with over 1. 145 trillion MB of data being generated and added each day, it is certain the internet will always keep delivering on this job with tools like proxies.

However, the internet does not guarantee you security and privacy. Your safety and security are entirely your responsibility.

While brands can access as much data as they want from the internet, those who neglect personal and corporate security could become victims of attacks.

Therefore, you must use tools such as proxies to keep yourself both safe and anonymous while surfing the internet.

Proxies also do more than that, helping users easily bypass geo-restrictions and access restricted content with ease.  

What Is A Proxy?

Proxies are defined as tools or computers that serve as intermediaries between other computers and the rest of the internet.

Proxies are software solutions that enable the change of internet protocol (IP) addresses and locations. Hence, when users employ proxies, they accept virtual identification credentials and forward them to the target servers.

This way, the servers see the proxies, not the users. This is important to keep users anonymous during certain online activities. It also helps to protect both the user and their data by hiding the user’s IP and location.

Lastly, proxies help bypass restrictions by routing the user’s request through a country or location that the target website hasn’t delisted.

For instance, if a user is blocked from accessing the content in Mexico, a simple solution would be to use a proxy Mexico server to reroute a request and make it appear as if the user was browsing from Mexico. This article tells you all you need to know about acquiring proxies with Mexican location tags.

What Is The Usefulness of Proxies?

Some of the primary uses of proxies include:

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1. Brand Monitoring and Protection

Brand monitoring is used to observe how and where a brand is being mentioned online. Doing this helps the brand stay ahead of comments and discussions to handle those that may ruin the company’s reputation quickly.

The best way to do this is to engage the services of a proxy server as it clears the path and allows you quickly access data from any platform or website.

Brands also need to protect their intellectual property online to prevent infringement and copyright theft. This can be done effectively when proxies are used to collect large amounts of data from multiple websites and platforms.

2. Price Monitoring

Brands also need to monitor prices from major eCommerce platforms as well as their competitors. This allows them to evaluate their price to see if they need to make some adjustments.

Proxies are especially useful here because these platforms are usually reluctant to share the data. Proxies are used to remove whatever limitations the servers put up.

Secondly, proxies are essential in this exercise because it often involves large-scale data collection, and the process is often repetitive. Proxies make it easy to collect any amount of data while also making the process as automatic and seamless as possible.

3. Lead Generation

Leads turn into customers, and businesses that do not have enough leads can run out of customers to sell to.

For this reason, digital companies are obligated to generate and gather leads regularly. But the process can be pretty tedious, and proxies are used to make it less stressful.

3 Main Reasons to Use a Proxy

The above are some of the uses of proxies. To buttress our point, let us now see 3 major reasons why you must always use proxies:

1. To Enhance Your Security

Being online provides you with the content you need, but it also exposes you to the many ills of the internet.

Data breaches can often occur when sensitive data is allowed for hackers to read and collect unhindered.

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When breaches occur, brands suffer attacks and losses. To prevent this from happening, brands are always encouraged to use proxies while browsing or carrying out other important activities online.

Rotating proxies can be used to change your IP address and make it difficult for hackers to track you down. Truely collects the best proxy providers and compares them so you can find the right one.

2. To Increase Speed

One of the most valuable resources that companies have today is time. The more time a brand has, the more money it can expect to make.

Hence, businesses need to save as much time as possible by carrying out activities as quickly as possible.

Proxies can be used to increase the speed with which you work on the internet. They boost your speed and allow you to carry out tasks more quickly.

3. To Bypass Geo-Restrictions

Geo-restrictions are technologies developed to keep some internet users out of some servers. It is effective in preventing certain users from accessing some content based on their physical locations.

The phenomenon identifies where the user is browsing by reading the IP and then denying the user access if their location is blocklisted.

Using a proxy will provide you with a different IP and location, which is important in bypassing geo-restrictions.

For instance, a user from any part of the world can use a proxy Mexico server to access any Mexican location even if his original location has been blocked.


No business can survive today without data, and no data extraction exercise can be successful without using tools such as proxies.

Proxies help to keep you safe, boost the speed at which you perform tasks, and circumvent geo-blocking practices.

Proxies article and permission to publish here provided by Ethan Noble. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on December 13, 2021.
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