Why Online Tables Games Offer More Than Just Entertainment!

Online Table Games

Online table games like blackjack and poker are loads of fun to play. If you have a few hours to spare, you can wile them away with your favorite online table games. If you are just starting and you want a little time to learn, playing an online game offers you a space to try and fail without the eyes of others on you.

If you are already an intermediate or good player, online games offer you a chance to hone your skills and prepare for any in-person games or tournaments you might have coming up. It is clear that these games have a lot more to offer than just entertainment value, so let us find out what they can teach us.

What online table games can teach us

How to learn from losing

Though we all like to win, we must glean all the information we can from the occasions when we lose. Blackjack players lose approximately 52% of their hands, which leaves you with lots of opportunities to learn from losses and turn that information into wins. Once you’ve played a losing hand, analyze your moves and see how you can improve them.

This can become your business, romance, and even education pattern: figure out what you could have done better and apply that to your next task. It makes no sense to avoid learning from the imperfect moments in life because they will come your way regardless. Take what you can and improve your performance.

Build confidence

Playing table games online can teach you how to build up your confidence. Poker is an excellent game for this skill. Playing poker, whether online or in person, you must learn to “fake it till you make it.” In poker terms, this is called bluffing. Even if you have a terrible hand, you need to bluff your way through the game by pretending your hand is far better than it is.

This “fake it till you make it” confidence can be an asset in the workplace. We all have moments when we are concerned that our skills might not be up to the task or that our pitch will fail in front of a room full of people. In these times, you need a little fake confidence to get you through. The more you follow this pattern, the more your confidence begins to build as you see that you can achieve what you want.

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Reading others

Suppose you play poker on a reasonably regular basis. In that case, you will spend a lot of time looking at the other players’ faces and body language to determine if they are bluffing (see previous point) or telling the truth about their excellent hand. Learning how to look for and interpret people‘s tells (the unconscious movements or faces they make) will take a long way in table games and life.

If you sit in a job interview, you can glean information from the interviewers that they don’t verbally give you. In the boardroom, when negotiating with clients, you can tell when you’ve hit the sweet spot, even if they say otherwise with their words. Understanding what is happening beneath the surface with other people will be very helpful in many areas of life.

Understanding probability to use time well

Any casino game can help you learn the rules of probability theory simply and practically that you can easily apply to your life daily. Probability is a branch of math that uses numbers to study and predict the possible outcomes of any event and how likely each outcome is to occur.

If you can understand the likelihood of a given result, you can use your time as well as possible to put the most effort into the outcome that is most likely to happen. Putting your effort into something likely to happen rather than something that is only a faint probability is far more logical, especially since time equals money in many areas of life. 

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Learning to exercise patience

In both poker and blackjack, players must be patient and wait for the right opportunity. If you are too quick on the draw, you might jump at a chance that seems golden but is actually not the right thing at the right time. Holding back and waiting for the exact right moment is not only good practice in table games but also in life.

Rather than buying the first car you see, wait until you find the one you want at a reasonable price. Rather than rushing through an exam to get out the door because you want it over with, you take all the time you need and do things properly to achieve a better grade. Patience can do a lot of good in many situations, and table games can teach you to exercise it.

The best games to play are games that can teach you all of these life skills and offer you entertainment.

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Online Table Games article and permission to publish here provided by Nine Moons Research. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on May 18, 2023.