Vitamins for the Mind: How to Improve Brain Function!


It’s amazing how little we know about the brain and how it works. It is authentically known that the brain is able to generate electrical impulses and it can power a 25-watt light bulb!

Now imagine how much strength and energy is spent to maintain all vital processes in the norm, how many resources are needed to control life at the highest levels. How does it happen and why? And where does the brain draw energy for such a powerful organizational work?

Is it possible to prolong the tone and youth of the brain and how to charge the brain? We discuss in this article.

How the brain works

The brain is like jelly, and fragile jelly. To avoid damage and injury, nature made sure that it was well protected. Firstly, a strong cranium, and secondly, a soft shell of connective tissue that prevents the brain from hitting the walls of the skull. And finally, the cerebrospinal fluid inside the skull protects the brain from concussions and injuries.

What is a brain? This is about one and a half kilograms of “smart” mass in the human body, consisting of billions of neurons, processes of nerve cells (axons) through which nerve impulses and signals are transmitted. Moreover, each signal is generated and received by a certain part of the brain.

In order for its work not to fail, the brain requires 20% of the total oxygen carried by the cells of the body, fats and carbohydrates in sufficient quantities. Their lack leads to impaired concentration of attention, memory, provokes psychosis, depressive states and disables other systems and organs.

Often, violations are observed in those who regularly experiment with diets and food restrictions. People who experience a feeling of hunger are also among those whose brain cells suffer first of all – irritation and aggression appear.

What are the functions of the brain

The brain is everything! It depends on him whether we raise our hand, scratch the back of our head, cry or laugh, fall in love, remember it or forget it. The quality of the processes occurring in the brain determines whether we will live happily ever after or suffer, whether we will be healthy or sick.

Who we will become or not become, what talents we will develop and what characters we will possess. The brain controls everything and even a little more than we think. As the main organ of the central nervous system, it has a clear hierarchy of functions. Each zone is responsible for certain functions.

The brain works always, constantly and all, and not 3-5%, as it was stated. Even in a dream. The statement that the brain rests at night is not entirely true. The work of the brain in a state of night rest differs only in the activity of the regions.

It is at the moment of sleep that the subconscious enters the scene, sorting and distribution of the experience, emotions and knowledge gained, and most importantly, the restoration of the systems and organs of the body. He argues that drowsiness is the body’s signal that it needs a “technical inspection” and recovery.

How much resources does the brain need daily?

Understanding what a colossal amount of data is contained in the brain and how many functions it performs, a reasonable question arises – what is needed to improve the quality of the brain, improve its capabilities and prolong the youth of its cells? And are there any pills that, like in the movies, would turn the brain into a supercomputer?

Vitamins for good brain activity

Intelligence, like triceps, can be pumped. And in order to ensure the youth and plasticity of the mind, its clarity and freshness, it is better to practice pumping daily. Mr Vitamins can help in this difficult, but extremely important matter.

Vitamins of group B 

Ensure the normal operation of the transmission of nerve impulses from neuron to neuron, improve the blood supply to the brain, and with it, increase the access of oxygen – one of the main resources of the brain. They nourish the nervous system, preventing insomnia, depression and fatigue – something that directly affects the quality of brain cells, the quality of neural connections and transmitted impulses.

Vitamins of the P group

To date, 5,000 substances are known that are identical in properties to the vitamins of the P group. These include flavonoids, anthocyanidins, isoflavonoids – powerful antioxidants. Vitamins of the P group protect the brain and blood vessels, improve their tone. Slow down oxidative processes in the body, improve cellular metabolism.

Vitamin C

The lack of which causes dystrophy of connective tissue in the body, slowing down or stopping the production of collagen. Due to the lack of vitamin C, the balance of enzymes necessary for the functioning of organs and systems is disturbed. Vitamin acts as a catalyst for metabolic processes. Protects the body and brain, protects against mental or physical overload.


It is a source of docosahexaenoic, eicosapentaenoic and linolenic acids, which the body does not synthesize on its own. And they have an important function – neuroprotective. Omega-3 allows you to increase and maintain mental activity, especially in times of stress and seasonal blues.

Vitamins article and permission to publish here provided by Petar Bekjarovski. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on February 1, 2023.