Top 3 Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Sites!

Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining

Cryptocurrency cloud mining (sp. minería de criptomonedas, fr. minage de cryptomonnaie) has gained tremendous popularity over the last few years.

This trend is especially vivid with cryptocurrency cloud mining, where cryptocurrency cloud mining sites offer their services associated with leased hash power for online cryptomining.

The following article will outline and analyze the best companies (websites) rendering BTC cloud mining services.

It goes without saying that Bitcoin is the top-performing and most liquid cryptocurrency worldwide. Even despite the fact that such alternate cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin are among top-gainers this year, the Bitcoin dominance can hardly be overestimated.

It is logical to start with defining the term “cloud mining”, which is a perfect alternative to GPU and ASIC cryptocurrency mining processes. Cloud mining stands for a complex and high-technological process of mining cryptocurrency via the usage of remote mining data centers with shared hash power, which is prerequisite for cryptographic validation of transactions via the blockchain.

Third-party sites offer their clients to purchase contracts for crypto cloud mining and mine cryptos on the cloud. Here is a list of top three cryptocurrency mining sites based on company reputation, website recognition, hashrate capacities, new features and so on. So, pour a glass of hot tea and get ready to know useful information right away.

Top 3 Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Sites

  1. Hashing24
  3. NiceHash


The website is one of the longest lasting crypocurrency cloud mining sites to date. Hashing 24 was established back in the year 2012, but gained major influence in cryptocurrency cloud mining after forging a business partnership with the Bitcoin mining hegemon Bitfury in 2014.

Even to this day (no alternatives so far), Hashing24 is the one and only official partner of Bitfury with regard to BTC hash power distribution and leasing. H24 specializes in BTC cloud mining exclusively because the demand exceeds the available hashrate capacities available on the cryptocurrency cloud mining arena.

The major advantages of the H24 company are as follows:

  • All the minted coins are new and the company guarantees the purity of all mined digital currencies.
  • Scam-free guarantee from a UK-based company.
  • Unique Trading Room for selling, buying and HODLing BTC crypto mining contracts.
  • Toll-free Demonstrative mining with real cryptocurrency mining conditions.
  • Easy access to progressive and next-gen ASIC miners located in massive Bitfury’s datacenters.
  • Daily payouts, crypto deposits and withdrawals.
  • Available contract duration plans encompass 1-, 1.5- and 2-years respectively.
  • Intuitive interface and round-the-clock customer support.
  • Online Bitcoin mining profitability calculator with multiple parameters.
  • Progressive and multilayered crypto affiliate program.


SHAMINING is a relatively new player in the crypto cloud mining sphere (launched in 2018) and it provides exclusively BTC cryptocurrency cloud mining services to its users.

The company is headquartered in UK and claims to be an eco-friendly organization, taking into account the fact that its mining data centers (located in Africa, North America and UK) use green energy from wind turbines and solar power plants (alternative energy sources).

The key advantages of the SHAMINING crypto mining platform are as follows:

  • User-friendly personal area and animated cryptocurrency mining process.
  • Supported cloud miner hardware: CPU, GPU and ASICs.
  • Enables users to control crypto miners from any device (interoperability).
  • Handy crypto mining investment calculator.
  • Low risk of fraud.
  • Suitable for people with zero knowledge in cryptocurrency cloud mining.
  • Multiple payment methods (varying from crypto, bank cards to wire transfers).


The NiceHash platform is an online broker marketplace for buying and selling computer’s hashing processing power. The website has been in business since 2014. NiceHash operates under the laws of the British Virgin Islands and it has crypto mining servers located in Europe and the US.

All in all, the company offers 34 various mining algorithms, inclusive of such popular ones as SHA-256, Equihash, Scrypt and so on.Let us outline the core features of NiceHash:

  • The minimum investment threshold is 0.001 BTC for any chosen algorithm.
  • No obligatory cryptocurrency mining contracts.
  • No support for dead or invalid shares.
  • Lightning network node.
  • Nicehash OS and mobile apps available on iOS and Android.
  • Available crypto mining options include ASIC, CPU and GPU models.
  • Built-in cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Live crypto mining profitability calculator.
  • Online Stratum generator for non-stop crypto mining.

To sum it up, the cryptocurrency cloud mining industry is flourishing today. But it is of vital importance to pay careful attention to company reputation in order to avoid scams and not to lose investments.

Get familiarized with genuine customer reviews, do not invest savings more than you can afford to lose and always perform an in-depth research of the chosen cloud mining service provider.

Cryptocurrency cloud mining article and permission to publish here provided by John Gaarg. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on December 6, 2021.