Things to Do Before and After (Escape from Tarkov) EFT Wipe!

Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov, plotted in a war-torn Northwestern Russian city, is a hardcore FPS survival game. You can start the enthralling voyage of survival solo or with a group of comrades and traverse inside the rough terrain during raids, the main objective of the game.

Fundamentally you must stay alive in the phase you have opted for and acquire the best possible extraction points within the specified time. The plot apparently looks simple, but you should be ready for an ambush from anywhere, anyone. A single headshot from different makes of the arm could end the adventure.

The hacks and cheats

Your head is not protected from a stray bullet even if you wear a helmet, but the efficacy of it depends on the type of it. Your health could fall if you are unable to collect specific items. There are varied items to loot and a large spectrum of weapons to learn and use.

The intense combat and inhabitable terrain could make your life miserable, and the game could end in a snap without realizing the varied fabulous aspect of the title. Without the hacks and cheats, surviving in this intense FPS game seems impossible, especially if you are a beginner or casual player with no or little experience in such a ruthless FPS game.

From this website can download the cheats and use them wisely.


A wipe usually occurs with the publication of major updates in Escape from Tarkov, and with the wipe, all progress, quest, stash, hideouts and other features are retune to zero. After the wipe, you need to start everything from scratch. This feature could seem like a mystery when the game is still in development and beta mode.

This wipe feature is incorporated to avert extra coding programming, which might slack the game after the release of major updates. This provides a fair battleground for new players who otherwise would be oppressed by veteran warriors armed with multiple weapons and equipment. This wipe feature is also seen in Rust when new updates are released. 

PMC or Scav

Surviving in Escape from Tarkov is extremely important, as you lose the entire arsenal you collected once you die. The inventory starts dwindling when you use it. To replenish it, you need to go on raids and stake your life. You can don into the main character called PMC or go with the spawns with random equipment termed as Scav.

Scavs are groups of people assigned to loot; the possibility of replenishing the stash is greater when you group with them. For a successful raid, you need some sophisticated arms and ammunition. There is wide stock of arsenal choices that suits your playstyle. The EFT aimbot gives you precise shooting power. You can use it in two modes soft and silent aim. 

The Health System

When you are in the game, the health restoration does not happen as it occurs in other contemporary FPS. The inbuilt health system in the game is complex, with varied possible outcomes. The “Health” tab displays different parts of your body and notifies you if a part of the body is injured and to what extent.

If you are wounded, you will not only lose points, but your mobility is also affected. A shot in the arm could cause a serious or minor injury. If it is insignificant first aid would cure it else. It would cause severe blood loss. A fall could cause a sprain in the ankle a painkiller would relieve the pain.

The wallhack and EPS cheat could give your extra perception about the immediate surrounding environment. The pertinent information which would be otherwise unavailable would make you aware of the hiding enemies, thus saving you from grave injury, which could be life-threatening. 

The inventories

There are two important factors that need to be observed closely constantly; hydration and energy level. If these two factors plunge below a certain threshold, you could feel weak with restricted movement. To be in this grave situation for too long, you could even die.

The EFT hack can make a huge difference between success and failure. With it, you can see objects through the wall and can even loot them. The inventories are crucial for your health, and the food and drinks are essential for your survival in the inhospitable environment. While in a loot mission, avoid being stranded on the battlefield for too long as the chances of ambush increase significantly. 

The hideout

The loot assignment is the most important aspect of the Escape from Tarkov title. The items are necessary for healing, constructing hideouts and weaponry. The hideout is your personal shelter from where you can operate safely, having increased regeneration rates, better and bigger inventory, and possibility to mend weapons, armor and other items.

A high-end era piece could make a significant difference as you can hear subtle sounds; while in the battleground, try to wear a helmet and bulletproof jacket as it guards you against stray bullets and increase your survival chance. 

Escape from Tarkov article and permission to publish here provided by Harry Stark. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on August 7, 2023.

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