The Best AFK Activities in Old School RuneScape!


Did you know that AFK activities can give you a decent amount of gold?

For many players of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), time is a precious resource. Balancing real-life responsibilities with the immersive world of Gielinor can be challenging.

That’s where “Away From Keyboard” (AFK) activities come in. They allow players to progress their characters with minimal interaction, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

Combat Training AFK Activities

Combat training is integral to success in OSRS. Luckily, there are various AFK methods to bolster your prowess. Nightmare Zone is arguably the most popular AFK combat training method. Inside this minigame, players fight bosses they’ve previously defeated in quests, earning points to spend on rewards.

Requirements include the completion of certain quests and combat gear, with the best setups often involving high-level equipment. Its primary advantage is the remarkable combat XP rates, but its dependency on costly gear and combat potions is a potential drawback.

Bandits are another decent AFK training spot, especially for players with a lower budget. Wearing a god item provokes constant aggression from bandits, leading to uninterrupted combat. It offers lower XP rates than the Nightmare Zone but is considerably cheaper.

Ammonite and Sand Crabs are excellent for low-level players due to low damage and high HP. The spots require minimal gear, and the crabs stay aggressive for 10-15 minutes, making them great for extended AFK sessions.

The Skeletal Wyverns are great creatures to kill semi-afk with high combat levels, and they will bring you loads of OSRS GP. There are other slayer creatures that you’ll also be able to kill semi afk, and if you want to train Magic, you can splash on low-level creatures. There are even afk-able bosses in OSRS, such as the Kraken or Dagannoth Rex.

Skill Training AFK Activities

Skill training is another crucial aspect of OSRS, and there are many AFK methods to explore.

Fishing can be a relaxing way to level up while being semi-AFK. Barbarian Fishing offers decent XP rates and agility strength XP, while Monkfish, although slower, can earn you a tidy profit. \At higher levels, you can do infernal eels, which is arguably the most afk fishing activity since you won’t even have to bother to drop the fish, you’ll just need to use a hammer on one of them, and they will all be opened so you receive the tokkul or onyx bolt tips they contain.

Crafting Battlestaves is one of the most AFKable crafting methods, although it does require a substantial initial investment. However, if you want to take the cheap and afk route for crafting, you’ll need to head to Burgh de Rott and repair the temple. You will gain small amounts of crafting XP, but at almost zero cost, and you’ll be able to afk for minutes.

Money-Making AFK Activities

Lastly, money-making is crucial in OSRS, and several AFK methods exist to accumulate wealth. Making Cannonballs is an excellent money-making method due to their high demand for Slayer tasks.

It’s very AFKable, although the XP rates are pretty low. Cooking Sharks or Raw Karambwans can be highly profitable, given their demand for player-versus-player combat and bossing. It requires a high Cooking level to prevent burning the food.

Fletching Broad Arrows is a profitable, highly AFKable method, but it offers the advantage of being doable anywhere in the game. Other afk-able fletching methods that will bring you a profit but keep you tied to a bank involve fletching short bows or longbows.

Runecrafting is a unique skill often perceived as both time-consuming and less AFKable. However, there are methods to make Runecrafting more passive, allowing you to get those much-needed XP points with less interaction. The ZMI Altar or Ourania Altar offers a relatively AFKable Runecrafting method.

You’ll need to have completed Lunar Diplomacy and have access to Ourania Teleport for optimal use. Here, you create random runes and receive double XP, boosting your levels significantly. However, be prepared, as the altar’s location is in a dangerous area with aggressive monsters. 

This method can turn Runecrafting into a more relaxed, semi-AFK task, but remember, the XP rates aren’t as high as other, more interactive methods. If you’re after a high-level AFK Runecrafting method, crafting Blood Runes or Soul Runes in the Arceuus area offers good XP rates and is very AFKable but requires a high Runecrafting level, 77 for Blood Runes and 90 for Soul Runes. 

Regardless of the method you choose, Runecrafting can provide a steady profit and even alter the OSRS gold price and it will improve your OSRS character while allowing you some time away from the keyboard.

At the End of the Day

The best AFK activities in OSRS often depend on a player’s current game status and goals. Whether you’re focused on combat training, skill training, or money-making, there’s an AFK method suitable for your needs(unless we’re speaking about Construction or Prayer).

Remember, while AFK activities are beneficial, the true joy of OSRS lies in exploration, questing, and community engagement.

RuneScape article and permission to publish here provided by Daisy Marino. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on October 3, 2023.

Cover image by Christiana from Pixabay