Why Prefer Bitcoin Over Ethereum?

It is a question which is being asked by the maximum number of people why they should prefer Bitcoin more than Ethereum. Everybody wants to know the answer so they can also decide which currency they should use for investment purposes.

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How Bitcoin Differs From Ethereum?

Ethereum is underlined as the second leading cryptocurrency or the rival cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency industry, whereas bitcoin still remains on the top. In a nutshell, subsequent to bitcoin, ethereum is an utmost successful cryptocurrency, equipped with a market cap of almost $300 billion., but let’s understand how Bitcoin differs from Ethereum.

However, the market cap of bitcoin is nearly 1 trillion dollars which is nearly half of the entire market; the fact might amaze you that in 2020 bitcoin contributed 70% to the entire cryptocurrency industry, just hassle free.

However, there is a drastic difference between ethereum and bitcoin as both of these cryptocurrencies are equipped with diversified features. 

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