Software and Technologies to Employ to Optimize Your Business!

Software and Technologies

As you head into the rest of your fiscal year, installing new software and technologies can make a world of difference by optimizing your current business processes.

Changing the way you communicate with your email clients or reducing app switching for better project management could be the deal breaker you need to get through your year efficiently and professionally!

Business software and technologies are continuously evolving, allowing you and your team to work faster and more proficiently. The end result? A productive and collaborative workplace that produces real results and grows your company’s bottom line.

Keep reading to find out what tools you should be using to optimize your business. 

How Can Software and Technology Improve Business Processes?

Improved technology increases the efficiency of business operations, such as streamlining systems, products, and services. The tools are used to sustain data flow and manage essentials such as customer contacts and employee records. Using new technologies not only improves business processes but they reduce running costs while allowing your company to grow revenue.

The benefits of using new software include:

  • Cutting costs by automating routine tasks
  • Improved workplace productivity and efficiency
  • Streamlined processes and accounts
  • Reduced or zero paper processes
  • Better communication with customers and suppliers
  • Improved team collaboration

The size of your business, identifying routine tasks that can be automated, and knowing the unique needs of your company will help you pick the best software. 

New Software and Technologies to Upgrade Your Business Processes for Q3 and Q4

Email  File Management

If your team spends a lot of time communicating through email, using outdated software can hamper their overall efficiency. Searching for email attachments can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when the pressure is on your team to produce quick results.

With email file management, your employees can preview any attachment without having to download them. It becomes a breeze searching for that Q2 report that hasn’t been downloaded – with the click of a button; you can scan your Inbox to find what you’re looking for! With an advanced file preview inside your email messages, your team can be more productive in less time.

Email file management lets you see all types of attachments, including audio files, images, and contact information. You don’t need to download unnecessary attachments, BUT if you need to access them, you’ll find them fast by using the file management tool to scan your Inbox.

Email Clients

Does your business rely on effective email communication with your clients? Spike has taken email communication to a whole new level with an app that simplifies your Inbox, letting you chat with clients as if you’re using a messaging tool. With Spike email chat, you can have a real conversation with your clients while keeping your Inbox free of clutter.

Installing Spike’s Conversational Email app (the first in the world!) lets you and your team communicate with each other or with customers instantly. Your thread resembles a chat-like view while sorting your Inbox communications by people instead of by subject line. The benefit of this app allows you to be more organized and responsive and follow communications more effectively.

You don’t need to stress about creating a new email address – Spike will work with your existing one. And if your clients don’t use the Conversational Email app, no problem! They’ll see your email communication in the traditional thread format.

Business Process Management

Your management team can be more proficient in fulfilling their roles with improved software. Business process management software (BPM) is constantly improving the way your managers operate and make decisions. BPM software lets you analyze, create, monitor, and transform essential business processes like HR, keeping your company moving ahead in the right direction.

Processes such as onboarding new employees, improving workflows for content marketing, and processing purchase orders can be streamlined with advanced BPM software. The BPM also aligns your company’s functions with client needs, making business operations cost-effective. A BPM tool can be customized to match your company’s needs while improving your manager’s proficiency level.

Project Management

Tracking the progress of your company’s projects in the second half of the fiscal year is vital for overall success. Project management software makes it easy to do this, and upgrading to new programs could do wonders for your business and team collaboration.

With the right software, your employees can manage tasks and to-do lists from their own devices while keeping their colleagues in the loop at any time. Managers and their teams can meet deadlines, control costs, and improve their time management skills for better outcomes. How about using your Inbox as a project management tool? New software can let you do that!

Final Thoughts

Businesses are turning more to software and technologies to improve operations and grow revenue. Knowing which tools to use for your company depends on your business’s unique needs.

Whether it’s improved email communication or better project management, software development continues to meet these demands. Which one will it be for your business?

Article and permission to publish here provided by Alina Smith. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on June 6, 2023.

Cover image by Ronald Carreño from Pixabay