How to Check if Your SEO Company is Reputable!

SEO Company

With every other SEO agency out there claiming to be the national SEO experts, it’s no wonder it’s harder to find the best and most reputable SEO company of the bunch. 

If you’re looking for the best people to take over your search engine marketing, there are some traits you should be on the lookout for while finding the best option for you. 

1. They’re Honest & Transparent

The dream is to choose a company that is transparent and honest about what methods they are using, why they use these methods, and how they help you reach your goals, as well as realistic expectations of when things will happen. If you can’t get this information, it’s a red flag as it shows a lack of transparency on the agency’s behalf. 

2. They’re Respected in the Industry 

When you want to work with SEO experts, you should opt for someone who is considered an authority in their field and is respected by others in their industry. Check for a social media process, an SEO blog, and industry conferences as well as guest posts. These are all signs of a great SEO agency that’s got a good reputation in their field. 

3. They Set Realistic Goals

It’s relatively easy for unethical SEO agencies to overpromise and underdeliver and they tend to take a massive chunk of your budget along with them. They can do this because often people don’t look any deeper than surface level.

The idea is to find a company that has realistic expectations of your goals and isn’t afraid to tell you if the timeframe you want can’t be done or is unrealistic. SEO is a long game, and the goals should reflect this. 

4. Their Search Engine Rankings

You should work with an SEO agency that works on themselves while helping you as well. So take a look at their search engine ranking with a simple Google test. Just type in ‘best SEO Agency near me’ or ‘best SEO companies’ and see if they are on the first page of search engine results. If not, it may be a sign of incompetency. 

5. They Have Real Clients with References

Some companies prefer not to tell you who their clients are, but they should disclose some clients regardless, if asked, as it’s important to make sure these clients are real and come with case studies or references to prove their past work.

This is vital as some companies inflate the brand they work with, and others will just use random, well-known logos on their website to grab your attention. 

6. They Offer Great Client Support

Client support is vital to SEO, it’s what tells you if an SEO agency understands how confusing SEO can be from an outside perspective. Look for someone who responds to emails or missed calls promptly and tries their hardest to clear things up when you have questions.

Beyond this, look for an agency that generates frequent reports to keep you informed as to the status of your SEO strategy takes the time to talk to you about new strategies on the market, and keeps you informed overall. 

7. There are No High Discounts

SEO is a world where you get what you pay for. The digital marketing world is complicated, there are content writers, tech specialists, marketing specialists, and more, if all of this work done by these people is so discounted, either the e-work is getting outsourced or you’re getting short-changed.

Hire a SEO company that has fair prices, instead of a company with the cheapest prices. 

A great SEO agency is the difference between success and failure in the online world. If you’re looking for the best in the business that encompasses all the things we’ve laid out above, the best option is Perfect Link Building USA


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Article and permission to publish here provided by Dan Allen. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on January 22, 2024.

Cover image by Photo Mix from Pixabay.