GTA Online: Top 5 Insane Money Makers this Halloween!

GTA Online

With Rockstar dropping those spooky Halloween missions and those sweet double and triple-money rewards, it’s raining cash! But with a city this big, where should you start? No worries – I’ve got you covered.

Here’s the scoop on the top five fastest money makers to get that paper!

1) Judgment Day Adversary Mode: The Cash King

And now, the pièce de résistance: The Judgement Day Adversary Mode. Triple cash till October 11th, folks. Pull off a good match, and you’re looking at $90,000 easy. Pro tip? The more the merrier. More players, more cash. And with rounds lasting just three minutes? You’re set to make a killing (literally and figuratively)!

2) Pimp My Ride: Auto Shop Client Jobs

If you’ve got a knack for custom jobs, the Auto Shop Client Jobs are your playground. Modify those NPC cars, drop them off, and boom – around $50,000 in your pocket. Word of advice? Drive safe. Every scratch cuts into your payout. But nail it, and this is one of the quickest cash grabs in the game.

3) Skydiving with a Twist – Junk Energy Skydives

A lot of folks sleep on the Junk Energy Skydives, but here’s the secret – regular grinding pays off. Ten jumps a day, $5,000 each. Do the math! And if you’re rocking those gold medals? Another $50,000 bonus. It’s like Rockstar’s little gift for those who dare to dive!

4) Ring, Ring! It’s the Payphone Hits

2023, and the Payphone Hits are where the GTA money‘s at! Think of these like a call from good ol’ Lester – assassinations with a sweet bonus. Follow the rules, and that $15,000 base jumps to a whopping $85,000. And they’re quick – no hours-long grind here. Why even think about GTA money glitches when you’ve got this?

5) The Nightclub Scene

Alright, first up – Nightclubs. An oldie but a goldie. While the warehouse takes its sweet time, it’s the Nightclub Safe Lock where the magic happens. Up to $50,000 per in-game day? Yes, please! Just a heads up: keep that club buzzing. Popularity drops? So does the GTA money.

But, hey, dive into those promotion activities and you’re looking at an easy $5,000 per mission. For the long-time players, this is like a passive income. Set it, forget it, and cash in!

By the way, while you’re exploring these money-making methods, you might come across whispers of ‘GTA modded accounts.’ Always remember to tread cautiously and stick to legit ways to enjoy the game. Safety first, folks!

And there you have it! Dive in, enjoy, and make sure you’re rolling in cash this Halloween season. And always remember – in GTA Online, the city’s your oyster, and with these tips, you’re ready to make the most of it!

GTA Online article and permission to publish here provided by Daisy Marino. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on October 25, 2023.

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