Fort Worth Homeowners Guide: DIY Spring Maintenance Tips!

Fort Worth

Maintaining your home in Fort Worth, Texas can be downright difficult in the hot humid summer months. It’s best to get your maintenance tasks completed before the heat sets in.

Here are several DIY spring maintenance tasks that will have your home ready to sell this spring!

Inspect the roof

Year round, your roof protects you and your loved ones from every type of weather such as snow, hail, pounding rain, and blowing winds. This means that your roof needs to be inspected and maintained on a yearly basis. Now that spring weather is here you can put up your ladder and do a quick roof inspection. Check for signs of damaged or missing gutters.

You should also look for spots on your roof with rust or areas with mold or visible mildew growth. Next, look inside around your attic for leaks that may indicate an area where your roof is damaged. If you notice any of these issues contact a roof repair company or individual who can quickly fix the areas that need attention.

Doing this yearly will keep you from any surprise leaks or large roof issues that stem from lack of attention to your roof. 

Clean out the gutters

With blowing wind and plenty of foliage in the Fort Worth, Texas area there is no doubt that your gutters are going to eventually get bogged down in debris. And while a leaf or two might not be a big deal, a build up of leaves, twigs, and debris will result in a clog in your gutters or downspouts which could lead to poor rainwater drainage away from your home.

Keep your gutters clear by cleaning and inspecting them during the spring. Remove any leaves, twigs, branches, etc. from the gutters first. Then pour a bit of water into the gutters to flush out the downspouts and ensure that the water is traveling in the right direction and isn’t pooling in one area. If you notice that any spot in your gutter system is sagging or if there is water spilling over the sides of the gutters contact a professional right away. 

Inspect the foundation

While your roof may keep you safe from all kinds of weather, your foundation keeps your home structurally sound. With a sturdy foundation your home is going to shift and you may start to notice the effects right away. From the exterior, you will be able to spot foundational issues such as cracks or uneven settling around your house.

Inside your home you may notice excessively squeaky floors or bowed walls. If you notice any of these issues contact a professional right away to fix the foundation issue. 

Service the HVAC 

A key component to your home is your HVAC system. Though Fort Worth, Texas is known for its hot summer months, it is also known for its cold winters. To ensure that there is ample heat and air conditioning year round, you should have your HVAC system serviced once a year by a professional. 

However, you can also keep your system running smoothly by changing the air filter in the spring. Check the condenser unit fan, examine the thermostat, and cloud outside and around the unit.  These small maintenance tasks will keep your system running smoothly and ward off serious maintenance issues. 

If you have several repairs that need to be done and are hoping to sell your home this spring, you may have better luck selling with a house buying company. These companies do not require repairs, staging, or showing and instead rely on market analysis and overall health of the house to purchase for cash.

There are many reputable home buying companies in Fort Worth, Texas to choose from, but to ensure you partner with the best company contact a top real estate agent for assistance. 

Article and permission to publish here provided by Joaquin Miranda. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on May 16, 2023.