Ethereum is Gaining in Popularity!

Ethereum is gaining in popularity

If you treat Bitcoin as the leader in the digital currency world in terms of popularity, think again. The next digital currency that scores high points is none other than Ethereum, popularly known as ETH. In fact, it has emerged as the second-largest digital currency in the world after bitcoin as Ethereum is gaining in popularity.

But in terms of popularity, it is now giving tough competition to Bitcoin. Of late, the rising value of ETH seemed to have taken the world into stride, reaching 4K USD this Monday, and it is expected to go higher as the rate in which it has soared in the recent past is not less than 450 percent since it all started high in Jan 2021.

This has even brought Dogecoin closer to it yet, many of the digital currency investors prefer ETH more than the former, and it is going great guns in terms of popularity and stardom in the digital currency world. 

Well, now let’s check how it all started, why Ethereum is gaining in popularity, and the way it differs from Bitcoin in a big way. Ethereum started in 2013 by a young man called V Buterin, who is a Canadian, and he was the one who was introduced it in the said year. However, it took two years to finally see it getting added to the bandwagon of digital currency.

Thus, with it being presented as an alternative to bitcoin, many of the people who were with the same switched towards ETH. For the people opting, it found Bitcoin with limited kinds of features. While talking about the same, experts feel that it is a pocket calculator that is known to do one thing smoothly, which is nothing but ETH. They are seen as more applauding options when it comes to getting used easily over the devices like smartphones and a number of other apps that one can use. 

Having said that, we see the key premise of ETH going smooth as bitcoin operates in the market using blockchain technology. So, essentially one can find it to be a distributed kind of computer network that is seen recording different kinds of digital currency transactions.

But when we compare it with BTC, people now are seen as more comfortable with ETH as it can be easily be handled using different apps. In the language of its creator, Blockchain is nothing but a programming language that remains inside it and thus appears to be a logical option when it comes to building up any platform that can be easily employed in different kinds of apps. 

The smart contracts 

One can find the ETH network hosts coming up with the smart contracts, which is nothing but collating the codes that come forward with a set of protocols and prototypes if we speak about the instructions that run according to the set language and technology of Blockchain. One can find a number of contracts that are remaining like a decentralized power app, often called DApps, that is very much like any mobile app as found in any play store of Google or iOS on the web, while the only difference is that it comes with their own ownership.

The recent times of the network as seen in the ETH is seen coming along with a good surge as one can see the non-fungible tokens that appear to be not less than a digital asset that promises a unique identity on the virtual landscape. The reason why it goes like this is through the colorful online cats that are seen interlined with the different avatars as found over the platform CP that finally run over ETH.

However, when compared to Bitcoin, it was even slammed for a few things, and one of this included scalability. It has emerged as the biggest problem when it comes to speaking in terms of the ETH network in modern times. It is currently operating with the help of a proof of work kind of protocol that remains very much similar to bitcoin.

With this, the digital currency miners are seen coming up with the PCs that even compete when it comes to solving out the complex kind of mathematical kind of puzzles that are seen validating different transactions. For more on this, you can explore the subject of the Bitcoin Union

Ethereum is gaining in popularity article and permission to publish here provided by Jean Nichols. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on June 15, 2021.