Bitcoin Beginner Tips!

Bitcoin Beginner

The challenge for newcomers to cryptocurrency is often formidable; they have to do their homework to learn the basics and understand how digital money gets created, distributed, and managed.

They need Bitcoin beginner tips.

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For those of you who have been following cryptocurrency news, you must have heard about Bitcoin. While Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency produced by Satoshi Nakamoto (who has remained anonymous so far), this digital currency has undergone intense updates through time, making it more secure, effective, and reliable than ever.

However, bitcoin is not the mere potential digital currency that can revolutionize the future. Therefore, let’s discuss some futuristic introductions in the cryptocurrency ecosystems, including bitcoin. 

The below-listed portion goes through Bitcoin beginner tips, including what it is, its advantages and disadvantages, and some essential tips on how to get initiated.

 What is bitcoin?

Using the Internet and a complex network of computers allows fast and cheap payments to anyone in the world. It’s also decentralized, meaning no government or central bank controls it.

It’s more like a public ledger system, where every single transaction gets recorded publicly on thousands of devices worldwide known as nodes. Anyone can run a node by themselves. It doesn’t need any permission or special hardware to operate. 

So what exactly is Bitcoin? – Key points to get you started

• A transaction fee is sometimes included with purchases or attached to transactions as an alternative incentive scheme

• Transactions are broadcast over the network and verified by computational expense; a paid miner acts as an intermediary between parties and verifies both the existence of a transaction and that it refers to validly existing bitcoin as per its public key.

How to perform bitcoin trading?

Best Bitcoin Exchanges

Bitcoin is often considered a volatile, risky, and highly speculative asset. However, it can be an excellent investment when adequately traded and invested. 

• Buy bitcoins from an exchange. Some exchanges that offer bitcoin-to-fiat (BTC/USD) trading pairs charge 0.5% or fewer fees for the trading service (e.g., Coin base charges just 1% for its users). When buying bitcoins from an exchange like this, you’re paying not only for the transaction fees but also any additional services (e.g., margin trading) provided by the exchange.

• You can also buy bitcoins directly from different people in your local area using bitcoin and national currencies like the Euro or the U.S. Dollar on Bitcoin Exchange and Trading Websites (e.g., Bit stamp). In this case, however, the price can vary greatly (depending on the exchange rate with government-backed currencies), and you’re required to pay transaction fees for each transaction (which is why some people don’t use this method at all).

Tips for bitcoin investment

There are two ways you can invest in bitcoin

1. You can buy your mining hardware and start mining bitcoins. It can be a little difficult and requires a lot of computational power. Once you have mined some bitcoins, they will be stored on your computer, and you can use them like any other currency.

2. You can invest in companies that provide bitcoin-related services or purchase bitcoins from the exchanges listed above (e.g., Bitcoin Exchanges, Trading Websites). These startups are usually startups because they’re trying to build some innovative application using the technology behind bitcoin (known as the blockchain).

Tips for bitcoin trading

Here are some tips when trading in bitcoins

1. Never keep your bitcoins on an exchange. It is hazardous because exchanges get hacked now and then. It happened most recently with Bitfinex, where around $60 million in bitcoin was stolen. If you held bitcoins in your wallet and not on the exchange, you will still have access to them even if the exchange gets hacked or goes out of business. 

If you’re thinking about transferring a large number of bitcoins from an exchange to your wallet, make sure to transfer them one at a time and check the balance frequently (with different receiving addresses for every transaction) until you have received all of them.

2. If you’re considering transferring many bitcoins from one wallet to another, be especially careful with your private keys. Never share them with anyone and always print the addresses and keep them in a safe place.

3. Always backup your wallet regularly (e.g., store it on an online service like Dropbox). 

4. Never store your bitcoins on an exchange – keep them in a secure encrypted wallet you have complete control over (e.g., Electrum). 


Arousing BTC’s market cap is appealing to not only seasoned investors or traders but also government authorities as well as MNCs like Microsoft, dell, and PayPal. Undeniably, the bitcoin story so far depicts that bitcoin is highly profitable.

However, you need to ensure that people who have made millions of money from bitcoin are either early movers or have deep knowledge about this ecosystem; in short, to get started with bitcoin, the Bitcoin beginner should first learn about it. 

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Bitcoin beginner article and permission to publish here provided by Jean Nichols. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on October 19, 2022.