8 Creative Ways to Enjoy Your First Absinthe Drinking!


Once favored by writers, artists, and bohemians, this liquor boasts a glamorous and diverse past. It was particularly popular in America and Europe at the close of the 19th century. Only now is it experiencing a revival in the Western world, with mixologists making it a key ingredient in various contemporary cocktails. 

When arranging a date with what has been dubbed the ‘green fairy,’ knowing the various ways to drink and enjoy Absinthe is vital! 

Despite this, it boasts one of the highest alcohol contents of all liqueurs. This is why it’s wise to learn some tips when consuming it. Read on to discover how to enjoy this drink creatively.

1. The Absinthe Ritual

If you are new to absinthe, it’s wise to start your journey with a traditional method. Firstly, select a glass of your choice. Pour 50ml of the liquor into this glass, followed by water. From there, add a simple sugar syrup, which you can make at home and act as a sweetener. This quells the bitterness and makes the drink much more enjoyable. Especially to attempt to drink it alone. 

The pursuit of the absinthe ritual is to avoid having to consume this strong liquor straight up, as alone, it’s often too bitter to handle.

2. The French Way

A more creative way to enjoy Absinthe is the French way. This method requires specific apparatus, so ensure you have the right equipment before starting, including sugar cubes and spoons. 

Place a single sugar cube on top of a slotted spoon and balance this over a glass filled with one measure of Absinthe. Add chilled water to the concoction by pouring over the sugar cube to combine all the ingredients.

Before trying this method, invest in the correct absinthe glasses and spoons. These are readily available online, and there are a variety of styles to choose from, including reproductions and original, elaborately decorated antique pieces.

The best thing about Absinthe glasses? They take the guesswork out of pouring, as they are designed to hold between 5 and 6 ounces of liquid, including both the absinth and the water mix. If you don’t have one of these to hand, a short-stemmed glass will do. If unable to source an absinthe spoon, a fork will do the same job.

3. Use an Absinthe Dripper

Using an Absinthe dripper (braille-absinthe) is another way to enjoy this drink and poses as an alternative to the spoon. It looks like a broad funnel designed to hold a mixture of sugar and ice. Water is poured through this device. This design often offers more precision than a spoon and pours the water drop by drop. 

These devices, some of which still exist today and were nicknamed Absinthe fountains, were often installed in bars.

4. Flaming Absinthe

Another popular method? Pour Absinthe over a sugar cube balanced on the spoon, then set it on fire. This will cause the sugar to melt into the green liqueur. Because of the high alcohol content, Absinthe has no problems being set alight. 

When melted, put out the flame with a drizzle of club soda or cold water, then stir the remaining sugar into the liquid.

5. Absinthe in a Cocktail

Absinthe can also be enjoyed in another excellent way — by ordering it in a cocktail. A perfect choice for people new to the taste of this liqueur. This will help you train your palate and prepare your taste buds for its original taste by trying it in a cocktail.

The other ingredients of the cocktail can neutralize this liquor’s pure and hard taste. At the same time, they can dilute it, making the cocktail either stronger or weaker than its uncut form.

6. As a Milkshake 

Another exciting way to enjoy Absinthe is by adding some to a milkshake. The strongest flavor of ice cream provides the best result. This should be vanilla-flavored to match the bitterness of liqueur. If possible, make this yourself. This is a milkshake for adults. It combines quality cherry liqueur with Absinthe and lots of ice cream.

7. Glass in a Glass

Absinthe is served in this way when diluted with cold water. The method is somewhat unique as it focuses solely on the visual element. This drink requires a shot glass and wider rimmed glass with cold water and an equal shot of absinthe to make.

First, place the shot glass into the smaller two glasses with the Absinthe. Make sure that the second glass is full. Pour in some cold water, ensuring that it overflows. Lastly, take away the shot glass and enjoy.

8. Pair it With Food 

Fine wines served with foods promise to bring out specific flavor profiles. Similarly, green fairy goes well with savories such as bread and cheese. These pinpoint Absinthe’s unique flavor profiles. 

In case you want to be more daring, combine it with dark chocolate. This helps to even out the strong flavors of the drink.

The Bottom Line

Absinthe is a fascinating spirit when respected, and its flavor is customizable depending on taste. This could be one of the reasons why the market for Absinthe, valued at US$ 142.7 million dollars, is forecasted to have reached US$ 273.9 million by 2033.

Absinthe is such an intense and highly-alcohol-concentrated drink that it should never be drunk in shots. Fortunately, the liquid can be consumed creatively, allowing you to enjoy the bitter fluid in its best light.

Article and permission to publish here provided by Nancy S. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on April 12, 2024.

Cover image by Leslie Anneliese from Pixabay.