6 Things to Do to Effectively Study Online!

Study online

As the world continues to shift more and more towards remote and online learning and working, students are learning new and effective ways to enhance their online learning experience. Collaborating to study online with teachers and students is now a part of education and the learning experience that is here to stay. 

So how do you make the most of online studying and learning?

Well, with a few strategies and tips from the experts you can make your online learning experience both meaningful and effective. 

Tip 1: Organization is Crucial 

Just like learning in person, studying and learning new material online is most effective with the least amount of distractions and organization tools in place to help you stay focused as a learner. Experts recommend having a quiet and organized location for studying and setting a schedule for when you plan to study.

Holding yourself accountable to a schedule helps ensure that you stay on track to complete assignments and stay on top of the topics being covered in your online learning. 

Having a quiet study space is imperative for online studying. If you are someone that is easily distracted, you probably don’t need to be studying at your local coffee shop as good as their coffee may be. You don’t necessarily have to study in the same place every time, although it may be helpful to have a study spot that you enjoy spending time in where you can leave supplies for the next study session. 

Tip 2: Work Smarter not Harder for Advanced Degrees 

Have you always wanted to get your MBA but didn’t feel like you had the time? Well, now thanks to many universities offering remote and online MBA degree options you can get yours on a time frame that works for your personalized schedule. Not only is the scheduling aspect ideal for many adults seeking an advanced degree but the tools and skills you learn online while pursuing the degree are invaluable. 

So much of the business world is online, which means that getting an MBA online is an ideal way to obtain the degree. You will learn the technical skills needed to stay up to date with the current trends in the business world. One of the tips experts mention the most when it comes to pursuing a degree online is to connect with others to form relationships that will last even after the degree is earned.

Being in business means connecting with others to form lasting business relationships, and doing so while pursuing an MBA is a great way to get started. 

Tip 3: Collaborate With Others

There is a reason the saying two brains are better than one is used so frequently. It is the same reason that educators pair students together for projects and assignments. Working and collaborating with other students is a helpful way to encourage effective studying habits. 

As you are in classes online, notice students that may ask similar questions to you or seem to have a similar work ethic. You can even reach out to the professor and see if they have any suggestions for an online study partner from the class. 

Once you find a good fit for a study partner, work on setting a schedule and goals together. Be specific in communicating what you need in a good study partner so your time studying together feels purposeful and effective. Using virtual platforms for meeting and quizzing one another on new material is a great option if you don’t live near the other class member. 

Tip 4: Set Goals and Chunk Tasks Together 

At the start of a new class, many teachers offer a syllabus to show the schedule of assignments and exams. Use the syllabus to your advantage and set goals and deadlines for yourself when it comes to completing the assignments and learning new topics. 

One strategy that experienced educators use often in a classroom is chunking. Chunking is when you take either a task or a longer piece of reading material and separate it into sections. Before moving on to the next section you review the information you just learned. This is a great tool to help when you have longer text that needs to be read. 

Tip 5: Find Strategies That Work For You

Not all brains are the same. That means that what may work for one student may not work for another. By the time you are completing an online degree, you likely have an idea of what study strategies have worked well for you in the past. When you were a student attending classes in person, did it work well to study with a highlighter? Or maybe you used notecards to remember terms and important facts.

Whatever strategies you used in the past to learn new material still apply when it comes to studying online. Depending on the type of content you are learning, sometimes finding hands-on ways to study is a helpful way to make sure the new material you are learning sticks. Even something as simple as retyping notes can be helpful for your brain to retain new knowledge. 

Tip 6: Take Brain Breaks

While pursuing an online degree or certification is rewarding, it can also be tiring. As hard as you may want to push yourself, your brain truly does need rest to let the new information settle. Teachers use brain breaks for a reason and learning online is no different. If you have been staring at your screen for hours, take some time to go outside for a short walk.

Exercise is a great way to give your brain a break while also adding energy to your day. 

Successfully Learning Online

Studying and learning online is the new norm. As educators continue to improve their online teaching methods, students will continue to improve their study skills as well.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to other students to find study partners or even get some tips on what has worked well for them when it comes to studying online. 

Study online article and permission to publish here provided by Gabe Nelson. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on October 27, 2021.