The Best Time to Win Aviator!


The correct answer is there’s no specific time to win Aviator. Instead, it would be best to focus on your goal, what you want to get from the game. Are you a risk-taker or prefer a stable income? Do you play for recreational time or hunt the jackpot in the Aviator game online?

By answering these questions, you can develop an optimal strategy to help you enjoy your time with Aviator. Also, you can define what time is good for your bets and cash-out options.

What is the right time to bet on Aviator?

First, let’s look at the Aviator gameplay:

  1. You have a 5-second timeframe while RNG and Provably Fair cryptography calculate the ending outcome of the following round.
  2. The round starts: the plane flies, and the coefficient starts counting. The coefficient defines your prize; the reward is your bet multiplied by the coefficient caught at the cashout moment.
  3. You watch the round and press the cashout when you want. That’s your right time: you must cash out before the plane flies away. At the same time, the multiplier must be high enough so that you can cover your spending.

So, you need to select the right time to cash out. The moment depends on your preferred playing style.

The right time for recreational players

Recreational or safe and stable playing means you cash out almost simultaneously as the plane starts flying. I.e., you tap the button when you see x1.5 — x3.5 range coefficients. That way, you win almost every round. Your win will be small but sure; for example, you bet 1 dollar and get 3.5 dollars back. Your profit is 2.5 dollars.

Testing the game in demo mode is better for determining the average spread of safe, low coefficients. Some casino sites provide x1–x2 range multipliers, most times. Other gambling brands allow x3—x9 rounds to happen more frequently. So, watch the demo mode to find these patterns. 

The best way to implement that approach is to set autoplay and auto cashout options. Aviator provides them in both control panels so you can make 2 bets on 1 round. 

An example of such a strategy would be:

  • one stake might keep the auto cashout in the x1.5 range;
  • another bet is on autoplay mode; it makes auto bets and stops only when you win a pre-selected sum. You can set the sum or other limits in the Autoplay menu.

The right time for risk-takers

Now, you should be very careful. Aviator provides high coefficients frequently, one or two in a 1-hour timeframe. You’ll never know the exact time when it happens. You only can predict approximately when it might appear.

Developers state that they included the x1,000,000 multipliers in Aviator. But in reality, we see x50—x100 coefficients more often. Root for them because 100 dollars profit from a 1-dollar bet is quite a juicy result, too.

You need to analyze the game in free mode first. Aviator gives 3000 units of bankroll in the demo so that you can test it almost infinitely. The round history at the top of the game screen shows 20-30 last rounds. If you collect 100+ rounds in a table, you can see patterns that help forecast a big hit. 

It’s not a 100% sure forecast because the game is based on RNG and cryptography technologies. It’s indeed random. Sometimes big hits appear after building up the x10 range coefficients. Sometimes they jump out of nowhere. 

That’s why you need to include a hedging bet in your strategy. Make 2 bets on 1 round:

  • the first bet will be with an auto cash out option on x2 range and autoplay 100 rounds long;
  • the second bet will be under manual controlling, and you can hunt for significant coefficients.

Define the multiplier amount when you 100% cash out the round. For example, you can set an x50-range coefficient and always take your money on that mark. That way, you make your money hunt more safe. 

What is the best trick to win Aviator?

Aviator is great because it allows to mix both low and high-multipliers strategies. Moreover, you can mix flat and progression strategies. The Autoplay and Auto Cashout stake are better on flat stakes, which doesn’t change the amount, whatever outcome happens.

And your manual betting can be on a progression:

  • negative, when you increase your bet after a lost round and decrease it after a won round;
  • positive, when you increase the wager after the won round and decrease it after the lost one. 

Examples of progression strategies: Paroli, Laboushere, Fibonacci, Martingale, and others. 

What is the secret of winning an Aviator?

The main secret to beating Aviator is testing it in the demo mode. Free playing helps you:

  • understand patterns for predicting the outcomes;
  • selecting an average low coefficient for safe playing;
  • knowing an approximate time for high coefficients;
  • testing various strategies and their mix on 2 bet panels.

That’s one of the reasons why Aviator has stayed so popular since 2019. It’s simple, but you can train your mathematician and strategic sides in that crash game. And win good money!

Article and permission to publish here provided by Alex Publisher. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on August 4, 2023.

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