Is Online Gambling Possible in Namibia?


With respect to online gambling in Namibia vs South Africa, the African countries have been surprising us with the ever-growing statistics for the gambling market.

When you think of Africa, you generally feel about relatively developing nations with recurring social issues. While that’s still true to an extent, it’s not the same in Africa as it was 50 years ago. 

Nigeria is the most booming economy at the time of writing and it’s not going to change anytime soon. The penetration of online gambling is proof enough for the Supply Chain Game Changer. However, we’ve decided to focus on Namibia and its online gambling scene. 

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Is Online Betting Legal in Namibia?

If you have an interest in the iGaming industry, you may know that it’s crucial to figure out whether your country allows gambling or not. Because if it explicitly bans gambling, you can get in serious legal trouble. 

Thankfully, Namibia doesn’t have any such restrictions. The government legalized all forms of gambling back in 1994 with the Gambling House Act. By all forms of gambling, we mean casino slots, table games, lotteries, bingo, etc. 

Right after the legalization, a lot of betting shops popped up all over the country. So much so that the government had to ban granting new licenses only after 2 years, 1996. 

The ban was lifted as scheduled in 2006. But the land-based industry failed to take off the same way it did ten years ago. One of the many reasons was that the online gambling industry had already established itself as a valid alternative. 

Speaking of online gambling, it’s not legal in Namibia. At the same time, it’s not illegal. The thing is that none of the current legislation discusses online gambling. So, it’s an “unregulated” jurisdiction. 

So, you’re free to participate in betting sites that accept players from Namibia. Just check the T&C section to ensure that the operator doesn’t explicitly restrict Namibian punters. 

As for the gambling components, casino games are the most popular. It goes for both online and offline operators. Very few people are interested in online sports betting. So, the fact that you took an interest in figuring out what online sports betting is like in the country makes us happy. 

Another huge gambling paradigm is lotteries. Most countries have their lotteries, both state-owned and privately-owned. No private lotteries are permitted at the time of writing. Namibia’s only form of available lottery is the Namibia National Lottery. 

The gambling houses are the most common area for Namibians to participate in wagering activities. There are only 3 land-based casinos in the country but over 200 gambling houses! These are not to be confused with casinos because they’re not the same.  

Gambling in South Africa: How Does it Hold Up Against Namibia?

If surrounding countries are something to go by, South Africa is the closest to Namibia. It’s the south-most African country, sharing borders with Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.

South Africa had been isolated from the rest of Africa for the longest time. And it was one of the first countries to bring technological innovation to infrastructures and culture. Technically, the South African Gambling scene is quite different from Namibia. It has seriously prohibited all forms of gambling since 1673. And the restrictions were enforced until 1994!

In 1994, the National Gambling Act was introduced and was later revisited by the legislator in 2004. As the current legislation stands, offline gambling is completely legal and regulated in the country. So is online sports betting. The only illegal component is online casino games. 

The gambling act dictates that a player cannot participate in an interactive game except as authorized in this Act. It means you can’t attend interactive gambling, which is what online casino games are. 

On the other hand, sports betting has been made legal with the clause that the operator must be licensed within South Africa. For SA, the regulatory body is the National Gambling Board.  

On the feasibility scale, let’s compare Namibia and South Africa side by side. Namibia seems to be a more user-friendly jurisdiction simply because no laws are stopping the punters from gambling online

You’re ready to rock if you can find an online operator that accepts players from Namibia. The punters from South Africa can’t say the same. They have to ensure that the betting site has a valid license. 

Other Elements of Online Gambling in Namibia

Gambling surely varies a little from country to country. The good thing is that the basic components will always be the same for all countries, including Namibia. So, when you’re looking into a betting site that you might spend time in, check the characteristics below for the smoothest experience. 

  • Casino License: Thanks to the “unregulated” nature of Namibian online gambling, you don’t have to look for a Namibian license. Any license will work if it doesn’t explicitly restrict the country. A license is a huge security weapon for punters. You can expect a safe and regulated experience with fair odds and payouts. 
  • Bonuses: If there is one universal element that makes people happy, it would be bonuses. All industries have benefited from marketing bonuses in the past and will keep doing so until the end of time. That’s why you should also look into the rewards before you sign up. Believe it or not, these will impact your overall gambling experience in a big way. 
  • Customer Support: Every time you face a problem with your account, your deposit, or anything else, you’ll need support from an expert. Otherwise, you must say bye to your adventures at that particular online betting site. Isn’t it better to ensure you’ll get proper support before spending too much? 
  • Payment Methods: Unfortunately, not all international payment processing companies offer their services in Namibia. Hence, you will most likely use local mobile banking methods and credit/debit cards. It’s best to contact customer support to know exactly what ways you’re allowed to use. 
  • Sports Markets: Among the chaos of ensuring all the other features we discussed so far, don’t forget to check out the actual sports library. These are events you’ll be spending the most time with. So, you must get tournaments throughout the year and competitive odds to keep your winnings high. 

Final Words

Namibia is yet to become a prominent gambling jurisdiction in Africa. But from what we’re seeing, it’s only a matter before that happens. The internet penetration rate in the country is excellent. The GDP is also as good as neighboring South Africa. Also, the audience is very interested in trying their luck at online gambling sites rather than land-based casinos. 

Article and permission to publish here provided by Allen Roberts. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on September 24, 2022.