How to Be Hired as a Crypto Trader!

Crypto trader

Make Crypto trading a full time job and become a Crypto trader!

Cryptocurrency is becoming more than just a passing interest for institutional investors, and many are now branching into crypto full time. The problem is that many institutional investors come from a traditional stock and bonds background and don’t have the crypto knowledge they need to trade cryptos. Cryptocurrencies are often highly technical blockchain projects that require a careful eye to decide whether they are a valuable investment or not.

You may have a good knowledge base after taking a few trading lessons online, and you may even have made a crypto fortune on Ethereum trading. Now, you are considering getting paid to manage other people’s money, which is certainly possible — but do you have what it takes?

This guide will give you details of crypto trading jobs as well as the expectations a company will have.

Which Companies Need Crypto Traders?

There are a number of companies that are hiring crypto traders at the moment. Some are within the industry, like, which is advertising for analysts to join their London trading team. Others are investment firms that are looking to diversify their portfolios and get traders on board to help them do so. Another common area is crypto exchanges and banking apps like Revolut looking for crypto traders.

Many crypto trader vacancies pay well for good traders but only if you’re making the company money. Most jobs are commission only or offer a very low basic salary with a commission structure. Due to the nature of the work, the commission structures can be very lucrative, but it takes the right type of trader to reach the top.

When it comes to crypto trading jobs and taking your trading abilities to a professional level, it is not going to be a walk in the park. You will need to analyze markets, look for weak points in growth markets, and also identify places where you can turn a profit when the market suffers a downturn. Professional crypto traders are expected to generate company revenue, regardless of the market conditions.

Soft and Hard Skills a Crypto Trader Needs

In order to get a crypto trader job, you will need to demonstrate plenty of skills at the interview. Some of the skills you will need include:

  • proven track record of trading with a demonstrable portfolio history;
  • ability to learn on the job and onboard company trading practices into your existing trading experience;
  • coding (mostly Python) skills for creating analysis tools;
  • ability to work under pressure and meet daily/weekly/monthly targets;
  • existing client book (in some cases).

As you can probably tell, these jobs aren’t really appropriate for casual crypto traders, and simply walking into an interview and saying you made $100,000 on Bitcoin last year won’t wash. Instead, you will need to have completed trading lessons online and familiarize yourself with coding languages.

Python (which is fairly simple to learn) is the coding language most companies prefer, although it is not uncommon for other languages to be in the criteria.

Where Can I Find Crypto Trader Vacancies?

Finding crypto trader vacancies online is easy, and there are several websites that are full of them at the moment. The reasons for this abundance are the challenging criteria for becoming a crypto trader and the high demand for true experts. Be warned that in many workplaces, it has become a high staff turnover job. Companies tend to easily dismiss traders that do not demonstrate the expected results.

In this respect, getting a job may be easy, but keeping it can be incredibly difficult. You can find crypto trader vacancies on:

  • Upwork
  • Glassdoor
  • LinkedIn

Depending on where you’re situated in the world, you can also find local employment agencies that will likely offer crypto trader jobs. 

As mentioned, is hiring crypto traders at the moment, and it is an example of another place to seek trading jobs — existing crypto projects. Many DEX or DeFi projects need in-house trading teams to analyze the market and ensure liquidity in their pools, so it is worth checking out the jobs section of your favorite project.

Moreover, large companies like Amazon are starting to see the perks of the cryptocurrency world and are hiring digital currency experts to advise them on the right crypto strategy.


If you want a cryptocurrency job but trading seems to be a different skill set to the one you have, don’t despair. There are so many jobs available in the crypto sphere: from developers and blockchain specialists to marketing and content writing.

If crypto trading is for you, then provided you prepare your portfolio and demonstrate your ability to meet the requirements listed, you should have no problem getting a job in crypto trading. What’s more, for those that succeed at it, these types of jobs pay extremely well. 

Crypto trader article and permission to publish here provided by Julia Beyers. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on August 6, 2021.