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Cryptocurrency is a digital currency and is based on encryption techniques, which are used in regulating the currency units. The same encryption techniques are used in the transfer of funds and these digital currencies operate independently, without the role of a central bank. This has also brought to the forefront the most popular women in cryptocurrency.

The penetration of digital advancements in every field and sector of the society has given impetus to the growth and development of cryptocurrencies as well.

But the term and its workings are still quite unknown to the common person and to understand it, let us take a closer look at the main role of cryptocurrency and how it is valuable to the society.

Does Cryptocurrency play a major role in society?

Whether it is about society as a whole or the global economy, cryptocurrencies can play a huge role as money, after all, in any form is necessary and does have a pivotal role in the evolution of the society. 

To understand this further, it is important to understand the function of money.  Money is a common measure of value, a payment means, and a value for exchange. 

Cryptocurrencies too can play all this function in the future society.  Moreover, the evolution of digital assets and the immense impact of the Internet has led to the creation of valuable digital assets. 

So, when we look at cryptocurrencies, we understand that this can be the future of digital money.

Can Cryptocurrency be an appropriate substitute for fiat digital currency?

As a stable store of value for society where the actions of national governments manipulate global as well as national economies, cryptocurrencies can be particularly helpful in countries with continuous inflation and a weak national currency.

Also, cryptocurrencies are not controlled by any particular national government or a country and therefore the prices of the same are not regulated or affected by the former’s actions.

Women In Cryptocurrency

The space of Cryptocurrency has a large scope of growth and a valuable role for economic development. Women are underrepresented in cryptocurrencies. But there are women experts who have knowledge of the economy and these women can help in the development of cryptocurrencies. 

The following infographic is all about the top 8 women in Cryptocurrency. This infographic was developed by

Women in Cryptocurrency

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