The Future of the Digital Supply Chain! (Podcast)

Future of the Digital Supply Chain

The Digital Supply Chain is the future!

Enabled by a vast array of enabling digital technologies, such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous vehicles, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Control Towers, 3D Printing, and many more, Supply Chain will become more electronically connected than ever before.

This digital transformation will have wide ranging implications for industries, business processes, the structure of work, and the skills that Supply Chain professionals will need.

In this podcast Bicara Supply Chain interviews Mike Mortson to talk about the Future of the Digital Supply Chain.

We have written many articles discussing the Digital Supply Chain. It is one of those most exciting transitions going on anywhere. It will impact enormous aspects of our business and personal lives.

The Future of the Digital Supply Chain will involve the end to end electronic connectivity of every node, every process, every organization, every piece of data and information, every piece of equipment, every item, and every individual that is involved in a particular Supply Chain.

The nature of this change is so vast that it will take decades to permeate every part of our businesses and our lives. But the change has started and the change will continue to be implemented, at various rates, across the globe.

There are certainly challenges and obstacles involved along with the tremendous opportunities that come with the future of the Digital Supply Chain. This is one of the aspects of this revolution which make it such an exciting time to be a Supply Chain professional.

We were asked recently to participate in this podcast with Nurhadi of Bicara Supply Chain. We are excited to share our message and discuss the Digital Supply Chain.

Please take the time and listen to our first podcast, presented here, with Bicara Supply Chain. This link at Bicara allows you to listen to the podcast in a variety of formats.

Originally published on May 19, 2020.