4 Route Planning Trends and Innovations!

Online shopping has been around for a while now. However, the largest shift in consumer inclination towards online shopping came with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, every business seeking to survive this consumer behavior change must keep up with emerging trends in the industry. Here are some route planning trends and innovations that you may want to consider.

Unfortunately, most businesses had not adequately planned for such a scenario which resulted in massive glitches in logistics and route planning.

According to experts, the demand for last-mile delivery is expected to grow by 78 percent globally by 2030.

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The History and State of Vehicle Routing!

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My undergraduate thesis in Industrial Engineering was on “Vehicle Routing Procedures, In Theory and in Application”, co-authored with fellow classmate Joel Koschitzky. As this work was researched and written almost 40 years ago it is interesting to reflect on the state of Vehicle Routing technology then and now.

It remains a very complicated problem to solve even to this day. It is actually exponentially more challenging in practice today with the explosion of E-Commerce, Online shopping, and last mile delivery direct to consumers.

Let’s discuss the state of Vehicle Routing past, present and future!

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