Supply Chain Education and Certification – What’s Missing?

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The phrase “Supply Chain Management”  was originally coined by Keith Oliver in 1982 and subsequently gained increasing popularity as its usage was proliferated in books and language. That was the start of Supply Chain education.

Since that time there has been an ever increasing number of Universities, Colleges, Institutions and Associations offering credits, diplomas, degrees and certifications in all or some aspect of Supply Chain.

But is just taking courses in basic topics like Procurement, Negotiation, Statistics, Operational Research or Planning sufficient?

While the basic courses are truly important we believe that they are insufficient for really preparing people for a Supply Chain career.

What is missing in Supply Chain education and certification?

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To Infinity and Beyond! Ultimate Principles for Creating a World Class Team!

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The Supply Chain team was generally viewed as lacking in skill and capability by those outside the organization.  Customers and other internal functions viewed Supply Chain as a dysfunctional organization as evidenced by the poor Supply Chain performance metrics.  And external benchmarking placed our Supply Chain last amongst our competitors.  Going to infinity and beyond was a tall task to say the least.

Inside the Supply Chain organization there were a lot of very smart people.  But there was no trust, teamwork or synergy.   The culture was one more of complacency than of trend setting.  And there was a lack of inspired leadership.

Something had to change!

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