The Metaverse and the Digital Supply Chain!

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One of the terms that has entered the zeitgeist, holding the promise of providing some exciting new future state, is the “Metaverse”.

For some time we have also been describing a future that will define much of how businesses and economies and institutions will run in the future. We call this the “Digital Supply Chain”

What exactly is the Metaverse and how does it compare, contrast or align to our vision of the Digital Supply Chain? And what are some possible applications of these 2 intersecting technological paradigms?

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Building Blocks of Supply Chain Strategy!

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A supply chain is made up of an interconnected network of suppliers that all function together to deliver products or services to customers efficiently. For a supply chain to run smoothly it needs to be well managed under the right strategy for your business objectives.

Below are three building blocks of a well-managed supply chain strategy to help you boost efficiency and lower costs. 

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The Importance of a Strong Supply Chain and Logistics Strategy!

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A solid supply chain and logistics strategy is essential for large companies.

A global chemical manufacturer recently had to replace ships that transported bulk materials to ports. These materials were then transferred to barges and rail cars for delivery, and finally to terminals where they were packaged into shipping containers for final delivery by rail. This chemical manufacturer is converting its entire distribution system to containers.

Using a logistics-oriented strategy helps companies better understand their suppliers, improve customer service, and optimize shipping.

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