Safeguarding Supply Chains: How to Protect Your Business!

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Supply chains are inherently at risk. Not only are there many moving parts that make a supply chain work, but there are also tight deadlines, environmental and political factors, and even the human worker themselves that can cause delays, hiccups, and issues. As such we must be safeguarding Supply Chains.

One of the biggest wake-up calls for logistics companies was the pandemic. With everything shut down, new rules being put in place, health and safety issues, and of course, the shutdown of manufacturing and production, as well as retail stores themselves, this put logistics companies and their partners into an absolute tailspin. 

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The Resilient Supply Chain! Passing Fad or Long Term Strategy?

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Since the Coronavirus pandemic exposed the fragility of the global Supply Chain, everywhere you look you see the word “resilience” being used as the latest buzz word.

Everyone is talking about making Supply Chains more resilient and robust, as if there was never any attention in the past in this regard. The danger is that with the dissemination of vaccines globally, and things getting back to normal in the near future, albeit a new normal, people will quickly forget what we all just went through.

People will fall back into their old, comfortable ways and far too many will forget all about the need to embed resilience in their Supply Chains. For that reason we wonder whether the resilient Supply Chain is a passing fad or a sustainable strategy?

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How Preventive IT Reduces Supply Chain Breakdowns!

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Supply chain breakdown is a serious problem that can lead to significant losses for any business. Issues like poor forecasting systems, inadequate transportation resources, and human errors are common reasons for this incident. If this obstacle often happens within your organization, you might generate higher costs and develop lower-quality products that might affect your customers’ expectations. 

To reduce supply chain breakdown, you have to use preventative information technology (IT) that will enable you to identify risks that might disrupt your operations. Once you do so, you’ll be able to develop effective strategies to mitigate them before they happen. As a result, you can ensure that your production team can mass-produce high-quality items that would delight your buyers. 

Here’s a seven-item list of how preventive IT can help reduce supply chain breakdowns: 

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The Reactive vs Proactive Supply Chain Poll Results!

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Is your Supply Chain reactive, always fire fighting and dealing with new problems every hour and every day?

Or is your Supply Chain proactive, having defined and implemented the strategies necessary to create a more robust and resilient Supply Chain, less amenable to daily disruptions and surprises?

In a recent article, The Reactive vs Proactive Supply Chain! Which Will Prevail? we discussed this problem and state of companies around the world.

We polled our readers to find out where their companies stand in this regard. Here are the results!

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