How Can Facilities Management Help Tackle Climate Change!

There is a growing public recognition that climate change is no longer simply a theory and that its effects are beginning to be noticed around the world. Many people will have watched in horror last year when the devastating floods hit large parts of Bangladesh.

They resulted in the displacement of millions of people and a tragic loss of life on a scale that is rarely witnessed. Many scientific experts attribute this flooding to the impacts of global warming and climate change.

As predicted, climate change is beginning to drive more extreme patterns of weather, which can cause widespread disruption and suffering.

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Renewable Energy: Exciting Ways it is Advancing!

Renewable energy is becoming a real competitor for more conventional sources of energy, and this is partly thanks to the great advancements in technology over the past few years or so.

As the technology with renewable energy continues to improve, it means that renewable energy sources are more accessible to people as they are becoming more affordable in various different forms.

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