Post Pandemic Inventory Priorities: High Turnover or Extra Inventory?

Most of the pre-pandemic Inventory Management strategies were centred around improving inventory turnover, keeping inventory levels as low as possible, and reducing the amount of cash tied up in inventory. The backbone of all long-standing philosophies such as Just-In-Time, Lean manufacturing, and Kanbans were all designed around minimizing the amount of inventory on hand in any Supply Chain.

But it took a global pandemic to turn all of those paradigms and approaches on their heads. Systems and processes designed to minimize inventory levels proved to be inadequate to withstand the unprecedented disruptions in both supply and demand that the pandemic would instigate. Look no further than the fact that we ran out of toilet paper, of all things.

Before things start to getting back to “normal”, it’s important to ponder whether these low inventory business models should be continued, adjusted, or even abandoned as we look to the future of inventory management. What should our post pandemic inventory priorities be?

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