The 5 Point Last Minute Black Friday Supply Chain Checklist!

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Black Friday is almost here!  The Last Minute Black Friday Supply Chain checklist is here too!

It marks the tipping point demarcating the less busy, preparation focussed pre-Black Friday period from the frantically busy, execution focussed post-Black Friday period.

Record sales are expected from the online retail channel in particular, as is the case year after year.

For Supply Chain teams this means that time is running out to ensure that all of the planning, preparation, contingencies, resources, systems, processes and goods are in place.  

Here is our Last Minute Black Friday checklist.

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Last Mile Delivery! What is your Strategy?

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Amazon has set the benchmark for Last Mile Delivery.  With massive Distribution Centres within a short distance of every major population centre they are able to offer fast delivery of virtually any product they sell.  The Amazon Prime Now service promises delivery within 1 hour.

Amazon Fresh is their grocery delivery option and with their Whole Foods acquisition they are obviously planning for rapid delivery.  Amazon Go is their Retail store option.  Amazon Key is their in home delivery service.   And the Amazon promise of drone delivery will further cement their leadership in the Last Mile Delivery race.

So how do you compete with that?  What are your options?  And what is your Strategy?

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