5 Minute Job Interview Tips for Success!

Many of you have been a participant in innumerable job interviews, whether you are the interviewer or the interviewee. 

Interviews can be highly time consuming for both parties so it’s imperative that this time is valuable for everyone.

Having interviewed hundreds of people, and been interviewed myself many times, I usually find that the essence of an effective interview can be reached in the first 5 minutes.

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t more to discuss from the 6th minute on. But it does mean that I’ve usually made my decision within 5 minutes.

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The AI Impact On Recruiting Procedures!

Artificial intelligence has really helped various businesses streamline their processes. It takes out the human bias from procedures and makes them more efficient., such as the AI impact on recruiting.

Customer service has been a particular success story, with automated chatbots tackling both online and phone queries. If you call up a helpline like Cox customer service number, you can expect to engage with AI and get the answers to most of your concerns. This reduces the need for round-the-clock hiring and getting more resources as customers increase.

With AI, companies can simply incorporate various programs which help the company grow in the most efficient way possible.  

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7 Reasons to Hire on Contract for Supply Chain!

Economists have done a lot of analysis on the rise of the so-called “gig economy.” More workers are using short-term contracts and other forms of hire on contract employment to provide additional income to supplement or replace permanent jobs – think Uber, DoorDash, etc.

But more and more companies in a variety of industries are also bringing on high-skilled contingent labour for white collar positions in a number of impactful business functions like Technology, Procurement and Supply Chain. 

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Employer of Record (EoR): The Secret to Scaling Your Business Fast!

Hiring global talent takes a lot of effort and time. It can be a massive headache, and you might be discouraged from hiring the best workers from foreign countries such as Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Spain, among others.

For example, if you want to hire workers from Germany, you need to partner with one of the leading, respected and trustworthy HR platforms of employer of record Germany.

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10 Hiring Mistakes in Supply Chain! (Infographic)

Hiring in Supply Chain is, in some ways, tougher than it ever has been with a propensity for hiring mistakes.

With the baby boomer generation entering retirement, and companies placing more strategic emphasis on the function, the war for Supply Chain talent is on.

We put together this infographic based on our experiences in the recruitment marketplace to answer:

What are the most common mistakes that causes hiring managers and HR to lose out?

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