B2B Connectivity Leading The Way For Digital Supply Chains!

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There is an abundance of chatter in shipping and freight about digitizing supply chains, with reports that more spending than ever before is being poured into developing software and platforms. The consensus across industries is that improving supply chain visibility and B2B connectivity is a primary challenge, and that digitizing the supply chain is a way to enhance managing all the data. 

In a recent JOC.com article, it was commented that progressive supply chain innovation lies in “cleaning up data, creating data standards, connecting siloed data sets through APIs, and facilitating collaborative workflows”.

We at FreightPOP strongly share this point of view. 

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How Shipping Software Innovation Led FreightPOP Into Freight Management!

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Have you ever been extremely frustrated with a process at work? That was where we were six years ago. Our technology business, Horizon Technology, was being hindered by our shipping processes.

Our outdated manual methods were wasting a lot of time and money, which we attempted to solve by subscribing to a transportation management solution; however, we were sorely let down by the lack of customization. We couldn’t make existing shipping software work for our business, at least at a cost we could afford.

So we had to develop our own. As a technology company, we had the resources and experience. And we were so satisfied with the results, we brought our solution to market with a start-up known as FreightPOP. 

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