The Electric Vehicle Charging Station Infrastructure!

The Electric Vehicle market will continue to expand around the world for decades to come. But one of the limitations with Electric Vehicles is their range of distance on a single charge.

In order to facilitate the growth of Electric Vehicle purchase and use there needs to be a dramatic expansion of the Electric Vehicle charging station infrastructure.

It won’t be enough to just charge your vehicle at home. There will need to be an expansive network of charging stations and options across any and every country.

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Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Station Things To Know!

Businesses are under continuous pressure to be greener, with customers, employees and the government expecting companies to become more sustainable. One survey revealed that 83% of consumers think businesses should do more to be environmentally sustainable.

Transport emissions are one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, so providing workplace electric vehicle charging points for employees and customers to top up their EVs (electric vehicles) will help reduce your company’s carbon footprint. 

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