Seasoned Leadership in Action™ – Our 2020 All Stars!

2020 All Stars

This is our third year of publishing interviews with great leaders. Our 2020 All Stars are leaders that have been exceptional this year, as they and people from all walks of life have been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The interviews are generally amongst our highest viewed articles. This further underscores the fundamental objective of Supply Chain Game Changer which is to share experiences and expertise from professionals around the world.

People want to hear from others and learn the lessons they can share. They want to hear about experiences and get advice and guidance.

We are honoured to present, in order of publication, our compilation of Seasoned Leadership In Action™ interviews from 2020!

Please take the time to view them all. There is value to be learned from every single one of these exceptional leaders! Here are our 2020 All Stars!

1. Sheri Hinish, The Supply Chain Queen

2. Raymon Krishnan, President of The Logistics and Supply Chain Management Society

3. Danny Wang, VP of Sourcing and Procurement at Canada Goose

4. Joe Carson, CEO at Spend Strategies, LLC

5. Wolfgang Lehmacher, Board Member, Advisor, Influencer and Author

6. Glen Munholland, President at Circular Supply Chains

Thank you for taking the time to read the invaluable insights, lessons, perspectives and visions of these incredible 2020 All Stars. You can learn more from an astounding set of leaders in our Seasoned Leadership in Action™ 2018 and 2019 All Star leader articles.

If you, or someone you know, is an incredible leader that we should spotlight on Supply Chain Game Changer please email us at [email protected]. There is something to be learned from anyone and everyone, whether good or bad. This knowledge can help inform our own personal and professional development. It’s all about sharing experiences and expertise for the benefit of everyone else.

Originally published on December 8, 2020.