Is Bitcoin Volatility a Threat for Traders?

Bitcoin Volatility

Bitcoin is an utterly free currency not subjected to rules and protocols of government authorities. All the more, bitcoin was not composed to make you rich but was composed to make you accessible. However, bitcoin traders and investors still grabbed the opportunity and are making good money out of bitcoin. 

Regardless of the vitality of bitcoin, there are few concerning factors in the bitcoin complex. However, the utmost concerning factor which disturbs novice traders to an exceeding extent is the volatility of bitcoin. The volatile nature of bitcoin demonstrates the number of fluctuations rendered by the bitcoin complex on average.

Here is an utter portion demonstrating the solution of this query; let’s check out whether bitcoin volatility is a threat for bitcoin traders. 

Why Is Bitcoin Equipped with Volatility?

Bitcoin is a free cryptocurrency subjected to no government authorities. Therefore, unlike other fiat currencies, bitcoin is not authorized, regulated, and backed up by these higher authorities’ especially national banks of any region. The nonexistence of government authorities in the Bitcoin complex is one of the prominent reasons Bitcoin is exceedingly volatile. 

The second reason of bitcoin volatile is the factor influencing the value of bitcoin. The value of bitcoin is impacted by few factors to an exceeding extent. Some of the significant factors influencing the value of bitcoin to an exceeding extent are as follows. 

Bad press is one of the most crucial factors negatively impacting the price of bitcoin; suppose a renowned market player stated a statement against bitcoin the value of bitcoin will decline, and several wrong presses get released daily. 

Crypto regulation rules alongside guidelines correspondingly move the value of bitcoin to an exceeding extent. Every individual in the cryptocurrency marketplace witnesses the progression recently on the 19th of May; after the announcement of china on the cryptocurrency crackdown, the entire cryptocurrency marketplace crashed, and the value of bitcoin was declined by 30%. 

Is Bitcoin Volatility A Threat for Bitcoin Traders?

Bitcoin is exceedingly volatile, especially on weekends, due to the reasons mentioned above. However, the primary query is that whether it is a threat for bitcoin traders or not. Bitcoin traders majorly aim of buying bitcoins at a much nominal price and selling at a higher price. 

The volatile nature rendered by bitcoin units is not a threat for the bitcoin traders as these bitcoin traders are merely necessitated to buy bitcoin units in a dip in order to avail profitable results in the bitcoin expedition. Suppose bitcoin is stable like other stocks or virtual assets, these bitcoin traders cannot efficiently avail profitable results in bitcoin trading expedition.

Bitcoin trader’s lookout for smaller profits and elude significant risks. The volatile nature of bitcoin has correspondingly embraced the ease of day trading as the value of bitcoin fluctuates multiple times in a single day.

 Novice investors might confront few complications at the very foremost glance of bitcoin trading, and that is why these investors are advised to start out small with an insignificant amount, as once you are confident enough about the trading skills, you can move to the real showdown. 

Acknowledging information regarding technical analysis is exceedingly essential as it will assist you in determining the market trends of bitcoin that whether bitcoin will be bullish or bearish in the future. However, the excessive volatility of bitcoin can damage your portfolio. Suppose you bought a bitcoin in a dip and the dip continued to grow; you might have chances to confront a significant loss. 

Benefits of bitcoin trading!

Bitcoin trading is equipped with tons of benefits if done efficiently. Moreover, authentic and trustworthy websites like the 1K Daily Profit Platform can assist you in getting productive results in your bitcoin trading expedition.  Here are some of the utmost potential benefits of bitcoin trading, which you must check out. 


Bitcoin sustains user’s secretion and transparency at the very same time as the blockchain of bitcoin renders information regarding bitcoin transactions but the only information required to accomplish the bitcoin transaction is the wallet address. 

The wallet address is a sequence of number and letters which is processed to the users by the bitcoin wallet platform only. In a nutshell, you can accomplish bitcoin trading without even disclosing your actual identity. 

Positive growth

Bitcoin trading is of several types, such as swing trading, arbitrage trading, and holding bitcoin as a speculative asset. You might be familiar with the fact that bitcoin has correspondingly rendered as positive growth to the users till now. 

Regardless of the cryptocurrency market crash, bitcoin was able to survive these market crashes in an efficient manner. All the more subsequent to these market crash bitcoins have correspondingly made a phenomenal record. In a nutshell bitcoin volatility on average is not a threat for bitcoin traders. However, excessive volatility of bitcoin can affect the portfolio of bitcoin traders. 

Bitcoin volatility article and permission to publish here provided by Jean Nichols. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on July 15, 2021.