How Increased Engagement Can Boost Employee Productivity!

Employee Productivity

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The workplace is full of distractions. Everything from social media to gossip and internet browsing can lead to distractions. Data shows that smartphones are the top cause of distraction among employees.

With so many distractions in the office, it’s easy for employees to lose focus on their work and become less efficient than they could be. After all, we know that people who are attentive at work are likely to perform better than those who aren’t focused on their tasks. However, better employee engagement can help boost employee productivity.

The Impact of Engagement on Employee Productivity

An engaged workforce is a productive one. When employees are committed and enthusiastic about their work, they’re more likely to put in the extra effort that leads to higher productivity and business success. In fact, Gallup research shows engaged employees perform better than others across all industries. However, the sad part is that only 21% of the employees worldwide are engaged.

Engaged employees also are more likely to be innovative, have a better understanding of their company’s mission and values, feel more committed to the organization, are willing to take on additional responsibilities without being asked, and can facilitate change within the organization.

Why Is Employee Engagement So Important?

Employee engagement is a measure of how satisfied employees are with their jobs. When your employees are engaged and happy, they’re more creative and productive, less likely to leave your organization, and more loyal, all of which can boost your company’s bottom line.

Data shows that around 45% of employees are already looking for a new job. They are looking for streamlined communication, training and development opportunities, appraisal, and mental health resources, all of which are a part of employee engagement. If you don’t focus on engagement, it will lead to higher employee turnover.

Higher employee turnover rates can significantly impact your bottom line. The cost of hiring new employees is way higher than retaining older ones. For example, training alone can cost you hundreds of dollars. Data shows companies spent over $92 billion on training employees in 2020-2021.

Besides the costs alone, hiring new employees can also be time-consuming. According to data, the average time to hire a new employee can be over 30 days for many fields. Hence, it is best to focus on employee engagement and retain your employees.

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How to Increase Team Engagement in the Workplace

There are multiple ways to increase team engagement in the workplace. Anything that satisfies your employees and engages them to think better of the company is a part of employee engagement.

You can take any approach, from promoting teamwork to providing recognition at work. However, the best way to increase engagement is to use a combination of multiple approaches. Here are some ways to increase employee engagement in the workplace.

Get Social

Socializing in the workplace can boost engagement. When employees interact, they tend to work as a team. This can help achieve business goals more quickly and efficiently. Socializing can also help make new employees more comfortable. 

A recent study published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website shows that new employees’ organizational socialization can help them become more comfortable and productive.

You can take many steps to encourage socialism. One of the best ways is to throw an office happy hour party. Happy hour parties can be an excellent way for employees to relax and have fun. This can reduce workplace stress and prevent burnout.

You can plan a happy hour and choose a theme. You can pick any theme, including superheroes, video game marathons, office Olympics, retro vibes, etc. Next, you should also consider the food and snacks. 

Nice food can add up to the fun and excitement of happy hours. You can consult with a happy hour catering service provider. These catering providers can offer you various dishes to suit your employees’ preferences.

Recognize Individual Achievements to Increase Team Engagement

Recognizing individual achievements is one of the most potent ways to increase employee engagement. Recognition can be as simple as a thank you or a pat on the back, but it can also be more formalized through awards like merit raises or promotions.

If you want your employees’ productivity to soar, ensure they know they’re valued by their company and appreciated for their hard work. Most employees are facing work-related stress in one form or the other. Recognizing their efforts in such times can boost their motivation and keep them engaged with the company. Research shows that a little recognition can act as a huge motivation booster.

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Make Them a Part of Important Decisions to Increase Team Engagement

Many of us have been there. You’re in a meeting and feel like the decisions being made are not aligned with your vision or values. Maybe it’s just that you don’t agree with the decision, or perhaps it’s because you don’t feel like you had a voice in the process at all. Either way, when this happens, people tend to disengage from their work. They stop caring about what they do and stop putting effort toward their goals.

And why would anyone want to work for an organization where they aren’t valued? People need to know that their opinions and ideas matter. Otherwise, they will be less motivated by their jobs.

One practice that can help is giving employees a voice in important decisions or allowing them to participate in those decisions themselves. This gives people an active role in creating change within their organization, which increases engagement levels significantly compared to when they’re left out entirely or only given passive roles, such as voting on one option among three predetermined choices.


Employee engagement is a must-have for any organization. It’s important because it increases employee productivity, leading to positive business results. The benefits of increased employee engagement include improved organizational performance and lower turnover rates.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that the most effective way to increase employee engagement is by making them feel like their opinions are valued. You can do this by providing them with training and coaching opportunities, recognizing their achievements, and letting them participate in important decisions at work. But don’t forget that employees need to feel supported, so don’t forget about social media.

Employee productivity article and permission to publish here provided by Stephen Evans. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on October 20, 2022.
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