How Can You Minimize Vision Problems When Using Your Computer?

Vision Problems

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Do you use screens for everything? If you are constantly using your smartphone or computer to relax, work, and even sleep, you are causing a lot of vision problems and damage to your eyes. With time, your eyes may start to feel tired and dry. You may even experience blurry vision.

Although there’s no way you can stay away from your screen, you can take steps to prevent eye strain. Here are some recommendations. 

Make your Computer Read to You

You risk developing computer vision syndrome if you get all your information by reading from a digital device. This syndrome results from prolonged use of e-readers, tablets, smartphones, or laptops. 

For those looking to reduce screen time, the best solution is to make your computer read to you. 

Mac users don’t have to go through hoops to make their computer read to them because Apple offers a solution with an option to audibly read text using Siri. By enabling the speak text Mac feature, you can reduce eye strain and get the information you need.

To make your Mac read to you, click the Apple icon > System Settings > Accessibility > Spoken Content > toggle Speak Selection to on > highlight the content you want to listen to and press Escape + Option.  

Follow the 20-20 Rule 

Gazing at the screen continually results in eye strain and may make your eyes dry. Instead, follow the 20-20 rule to reduce eye strain. This means you must take a 20-second break for every 20-minute of looking at objects on the screen. 

Following the 20-20 rule will keep your eyes moist and give them the rest they need. 

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Keep Some Distance Between your Eyes and your Screens 

If you are too close to the screen, your eyes will be negatively affected. They will have to work harder to see things closer. Therefore, you must keep your screen or monitor about 25-inches away. Position the screen so your eye is slightly downward. 

Remember to Blink 

If you are reading or watching something interesting on the screen, you will probably not blink as often. This dries out the eyes. 

Remember to blink; blinking reduces dryness and irritation by moistening the eyes. 

Reduce the Reflection 

Do not place monitors near windows as they may reflect light. Also, it would be best not to face a window when using a laptop or computer. 

Furthermore, you can get anti-reflective lenses with blue coating if you wear spectacles or otherwise. 

Limit Screen Time 

Your life might be digitally focused, but taking breaks from time to time is necessary. First, however, you must set some boundaries and limit your screen time.

For instance, make it a rule not to look at your screen when in bed and preparing to sleep. Also, do not look at your screens the first thing you wake up in the morning. 

Use Proper Lighting 

It is essential to have sufficient light to prevent your eyes from overworking when you are using your laptop or computer. Therefore, ensure an adequate light source, whether a reading light or a desk light, is around you. 

To ease your eyes from overexertion, you can use softer, warmer lights or anti-glare lighting. It is best to work in an area where the sun lights up the room naturally. 

Adjust your System’s Screen Settings 

You can reduce glare by adjusting your screen settings. However, the brightness and contrast levels must be low because extremely bright screens emit Blue Light. 

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Also, you can use the Dark Mode feature wherever possible. This mode reduces blue light exposure. 

Use Eye Drops 

Relieve tired, dry, and red eyes by using eye drops. You can regularly use eye drops to keep your eyes moist and lubricated. Even if your eyes are not dry, you can continue using these drops to prevent a recurrence. 

You must ask your doctor which eye drops you must use, and since some contain preservations, it is best only to use eye drops a few times a day. Remember to consult your doctor before putting anything inside your eyes. 

Have your Eyes Tested Routinely

It is essential to take routine eye tests. This will treat or prevent any vision problems. If you have regular tired eyes, you must not delay your visit to the doctor. 

Taking an eye test at least once in six months is recommended to maintain good eye health. 

Final Thoughts 

You must have a simple self-care routine to ensure your eyes are healthy with no vision problems. Strengthen and maintain your vision by eating nutritious foods, resting adequately, and maintaining an active lifestyle. Limit screen times wherever you can so that your eyes do not overstrain, and remember to consult an eye doctor regularly. 

What do you do to reduce eye strain in this digital age? Mention this in the comments below. 

Vision Problems article and permission to publish here provided by Gloria Bruno. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on April 9, 2023.
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