First Marketing Steps for New Businesses in Pennsylvania!


If you’re starting a brand new business in the state of Pennsylvania, there are several important marketing steps to follow in order to maximize the growth and exposure.

Fortunately, today’s technology (computers, cell phones, tablets, etc.) make things so much easier in managing day-to-day life. Self-promoting business and companies has never been simpler.

By using social media and participating in more recreational activities, you can quickly find rapid growth and success in your new business. Just look at how much the sports betting industry took off in the Keystone State following its launch thanks to savvy marketing and promoting.

Don’t forget to check out the online world where Online Casino Apps in Pennsylvania are legal and you can play games not available in most US states, and they have special offers/promos to new customers upon signing up.

By looking at the blueprints of successful industries like sports betting, you too can see promising results early and often with your new business. Here are three pivotal marketing steps to keep in mind.

Attend Job Fairs & Other Social Community Events

Whether it’s job hunting or job recruiting, sometimes it’s best to go the old-fashioned way by actually meeting people in person rather than contacting online via text messages and emails.

Regardless of what your new business/company is, you should always be attending in-person events. There are all sorts of job affairs going on at any given time in Pennsylvania, including the ​Cumberland County CareerLink Workshop in Carlisle on May 2, the ​SCI Dallas Hiring Event in Dallas on May 16 and the York Hiring Fair in York on May 18.

Attending other events like seminars at libraries, community centers or parks will also help you find many potential customers to network with. The Cambria Hotel in Philadelphia, for instance, is holding the PMO Business Owner’s Expo on July 16. This is the perfect in-person event for you to market and promote your Pennsylvania-based business.

The bottom line: Always keep an eye out on events that relate to marketing and job hunting. Attending just a few of these in a short matter of time could help you increase the exposure of your business much quicker than you would’ve initially expected.

Social Media Is Your Friend – Always

Recent estimates show that close to 4.5 billion people around the world use social media. In other words, social media will always be a healthy tool for you when it comes to starting up a marketing business.

Even if you don’t use top platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat) too often, the vast majority of people around you are likely frequent users of social media. 

If you frequently use Facebook or Instagram, for example, you’re always coming across advertisements for local venues and services (restaurants, breweries, stores, maintenance/repair businesses, etc).

Say for example that you’ve started your own trades business (carpentry, electrical, etc.). You could join Facebook groups involving your local community to put your name out there and promote what you do.

Or maybe you’ve opened up a new restaurant. Go to Instagram, find accounts related to your city/area and comment on their posts. Ask them to help advertise your new restaurant. Use plenty of food-related hashtags (#FoodInPennsylvania, #PennsylvaniaRestaurants, etc.) to help bring more exposure to your restaurant.

So you should never be afraid to even pay a little bit of money to social media platforms to advertise your businesses locally. After all, if most people around you are using social media, odds are always high that they’ll come across advertisements on your marketing business.

Look For Partnerships With Other Businesses/Companies

If you’ve ever heard of the term “win-win”, you should definitely keep it in mind when creating your own business or company.

Go anywhere around town and you’ll likely find several companies (restaurants/breweries, recreational areas with restaurants, etc.) that share special offers. For example, a local restaurant may offer a discount on a deal if you show them your receipt to a local venue like a movie theater, golf course, etc.

Again, let’s use an example of you potentially opening up a new restaurant. You should reach out to owners of local breweries and restaurants and see if they want to run a combined offer of some sort.

A hypothetical offer could be something like this: Buy a $100 gift card at your restaurant and get $25 free at the restaurant or brewery that you’re partnering up with.

In short: It never hurts to do business with other companies. It can be a win-won across the board.

Pennsylvania article and permission to publish here provided by Mark Spears. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on April 11, 2023.