Farm Fresh Flowers Delivery Tips!

Flowers Delivery

Whether you want them for your own decorations or you want to gift someone, you don’t always have to drive or walk to a florist’s location to purchase flowers. These days, you can order your favorite blooms online and have them delivered to your preferred location on time for use.

If recent statistics are anything to go by, the online flower shop industry in the US has grown by nearly 3% over the past five years.

But when ordering flowers online, customers usually have a few questions lingering in their minds. For instance, will the flowers get there on time and in good condition? Will the florist deliver exactly what I ordered? Could they go bad on the way or will they arrive while still fresh?

Read on for things you should know before ordering fresh flowers online.

What’s A Flower Delivery Service? 

Flower delivery services are just as the name sounds. These are companies or farms that deal with the delivery of fresh and dried flowers, either by post or courier trucking. At times, the flowers may also be delivered through shipping or by plane depending on various factors.

They are first processed, assembled, and packaged before shipping. What’s more, some of the best providers offer next-day flower delivery, meaning you can get your blooms while still fresh in 24 hours or less. A good flower delivery service prioritizes speed, customer service, and accuracy as we shall see below.

Common Challenges in Flower Delivery industry 

Online flower shops face a range of supply chain risks and other challenges worth looking into. Some of these include the following:

Supply uncertainty

Different flowers bloom in different seasons. This means that when placing your order, the type of flowers you’re interested in may not be available. If you manage to find them in stock while supply is low, you might have to pay more than the usual price.

Perishability and damage

Some types of flowers are highly perishable. This means that the flowers might go bad or lose succulence in the process of shipping, especially if delays are encountered. This is not to mention the possibility of getting damaged during packaging and handling en route to the buyer’s destination.

However, great flower delivery services ensure post-harvest treatment and quality packaging to minimize such risks.

Shipping delays:

As earlier mentioned, most flowers are delivered by plane, courier trucking services, or vans depending on which is the most appropriate means, the distance, and other factors. However, sometimes flowers have to be shipped for lack of enough space on aircraft. This, alongside customs clearance issues, may cause delays, leading to losses and disappointed customers.

Considerations For Choosing a Flower Delivery Service 

1. The kind of flowers you’re looking for:

As you may already know, different flowers have different meanings. Some make great gifts for birthdays, weddings, graduation, housewarming, funerals, and other occasions. Others are simply ideal for use as elements of room décor.

Of course, red roses are considered the flowers of love and romance, which is why you see them everywhere on Valentine’s Day. Other popular romantic flowers include orchids, daisies, lilacs, tulips, and the stargazer lily, just to name a few.

Before placing your order, it is best to consider the meaning, occasion, and purpose of the flowers or bouquet, or who they are intended for. This way, it becomes easy to find a delivery service with the specific flowers that you are interested in.  

2. Delivery area

Does the flower shop deliver to your area or its intended destination? If not, it is best to move on to the next service that has a delivery route to your area. Choosing a faraway delivery service could mean compromising the freshness and overall quality of the flowers.

3. Time: How soon do you want the flowers delivered? 

More often than not, time is a crucial factor when it comes to flower delivery. Do you want them delivered tomorrow, in a few days, or perhaps a week? Regardless of the purpose or occasion, you will want your flowers to get to you while still fresh and on time. This makes it crucial to understand the company’s delivery options and timelines first before choosing them to deliver your flowers.

4. Flower pricing 

Price is also a critical element when choosing a florist or flower delivery company. It is best to compare prices from different services, so you can get great flowers delivered on time and affordably to your chosen destination.

Other factors to consider 

  • Payment options
  • The company’s reputation
  • Customer care and support
  • Ask if you can get involved in the flower arrangement process
  • Return and substitution policies

The internet has made it quite easy and convenient for flower lovers and event planners to get their favorite flowers delivered right at their doorsteps. However, not all flower delivery services are worth depending on.

Some can easily make you miss or postpone an important event. To avoid embarrassment and disappointment, the above pointers should help you pick a reliable fresh flowers delivery service.

Flowers delivery article and permission to publish here provided by Cristina Par. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on February 13, 2022.