Creative Marketing in the Cryptocurrency Industry!

Creative Marketing

Creative marketing is an essential attribute for anyone interested in successfully advertising a product or service. It is no different in the crypto industry, where thousands of projects are created every day in a thriving and competitive environment. Where you have to convince people who want to buy bitcoin and other major coins to invest in your project instead.

With the recent Bitcoin bull market and the growing number of celebrities supporting cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based projects, more and more individuals are being attracted to the blockchain universe.

Consequently, marketing professionals need to pay attention and capitalize on the hype, which means developing creative marketing strategies to engage individuals into followers and convert followers into crypto enthusiasts. 

Is Not Marketing Inherently Creative? – An Explanation

Indeed, the term “creative marketing” may sound a bit too redundant. After all, people may ask themselves- should not be marketing inherently creative? Indeed, it is true, but the supposed redundancy has its place in this context. 

Although creativity has always been considered an indispensable factor for marketing campaigns, is not always that marketing companies rely on “great ideas” to do their job. 

Campaigns seem as innovative, apparently based on an original and unique idea, are often set up after long studies, discussions, or even recycling of ideas. Consequently, what most agencies display is not “creative” marketing, in the stricter sense of the word. 

When it comes to an innovative product/service, especially from the crypto industry, the marketing needs to be even more creative to meet the demand of an enthusiastic audience that knows about the subject and is part of an engaged community.

Creative Marketing – Explaining the Concept 

Although marketing and creativity are always sharing space when it comes to creating content, marketing is often more associated with strategy than with creation. 

According to John Howkins, researcher, and writer on the topic, creativity can be defined as the sum of study with the adaptation of ideas, which is the exact proposal of most of today’s marketing professionals and agencies. 

With the rise of social media and the growing accessibility to different marketing strategies available online, advertising in the crypto industry has become a real battlefield, forcing projects and platforms to invest in innovation to stand out amid the competition. 

Also, creative marketing involves plenty of guerrilla marketing, especially as it does involve a lot of strategies to generated broad exposure, without necessarily investing in resources of the mainstream media. 

The main thing is: when someone wants to innovate, it is not enough to simply repeat what has already been done (e.g., old marketing formulas and techniques). It is utterly necessary to avoid the herd effect, especially when working with crypto-related products and services. 

Creating an Innovative Approach to Crypto-Based Solutions

The crypto industry provides a unique opportunity to innovate using creative marketing. Although there are many ways to approach potential followers and customers, crypto projects and platforms seem to be growing fonder of creative marketing strategies. 

In this sense, the standard crypto enthusiast does not just want to purchase products, invest in a certain token or take part in a certain platform. Instead, they want to get involved in the community, share knowledge and be part of a tribe that does things differently. 

Also, it is necessary to focus on humanization. As a highly technological segment, many players in the crypto industry sometimes care too much only about technology itself, while they should care about the people that will consume it. Hence, as an investor, it’s important to target all cryptocurrencies that truly consider their audience.

It is crucial to ensure that the public will understand the message, which means that it is impossible to convince people acting like a robot. Crypto-based projects and platforms must open up the conversation, listen to their customers, and ensure to provide a good user experience.  

Creative Marketing vs Crypto Industry – Connecting with the Audience 

One of the main challenges of marketing professionals working in the crypto industry is to find ways to connect with the audience without employing the same old advertisement tricks. 

In this sense, much more than being creative, cryptocurrency SEO needs to be technical to connect with the audience. Metrics are crucial, especially to determine the specific characteristics of the individuals the project/platform is trying to communicate with.

Plus, it is essential to create a seamless marketing experience, something that makes sense from beginning to end, involving website design, SEO, social media marketing, content creating, and branding. 

Final Thoughts 

The main thing about creative marketing – other than being creative – is to connect with the right audience and know the demands of the people you are trying to deal with. 

After listening to the public, it is essential to put all ideas in perspective and create something innovative based on the new references brought into the debate.

Far from insistent strategies, which only want to sell and have nothing relevant to offer, creative cryptocurrency marketing involves the ability to surprise the audience and capture people’s attention.

Creative marketing article and permission to publish here provided by Judy Smith. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on May 19, 2021.

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  1. I’ve found over the past five years that innovation in marketing can come from all angles. For starters, the medium you deliver something. After working for Ashworth Creative for a few years, I’ve learned a tremendous amount on video ideation that I share with clients.

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