Common Photocopier Problems and How to Fix Them!

Common Photocopier Problems

There is no doubt regarding the obvious necessity of a photocopier – you just cannot do without them!  Buying a photocopy machine is a big job, like it rightfully should be! As a heavily used, busy machine, it can sometimes encounter a few recurrent common photocopier problems that might take it a tad difficult.

However, the good news is, most of them can be easily resolved, sometimes in minutes, and some you can steer clear of with the help of regular maintenance. Servicing is a mandate if you want a perfectly, well-oiled machine that does its work efficiently.

It will be wise to remember that a photocopier is almost constantly in use, hence is heavily stressed and can do with all the help it can muster for seamless functioning.

However, despite the best efforts, photocopiers often encounter some errors and when they happen, you should know how to go about. Let’s tackle a few of the common photocopier problems below.

1. Paper Jams

Even though this is the most typical of all photocopier problems, it still manages to cause quite a disruption in the office, creating a standstill, leading to backlog. Paper jams often have the worst timing and fixing it becomes one of the most important things to do.

But what causes these jams in the first place? A couple of reasons – either you have used the wrong kind or thickness of paper, incorrect loading of paper or dust and dirt have built up inside your copier. Stacking too much paper in the supply reservoir also almost always results in a jam.

To fix this issue, you need to first gently remove the jammed paper and reload with the correct type of paper. Ensure that you do not pull out the jammed paper too quickly or with too much force, as these would inevitably leave tiny, irretrievable pieces of paper stuck in your photocopier which makes the matter worse.

However, if paper jams happen too often, it is advised that you get in touch with your local copier specialist and have him take a look at the problems. They might have to clean the feed tires and check for other built-up dust inside your machine.

2. Cartridge and Toner Problems

These problems inherently mean that the photocopier has not been set up right. There might be problems if the toner cartridge that you are using is different from the one recommended for your particular model of photocopier. As you should already know that every copy machine requires a certain kind of toner cartridge – and if you are not using the correct one, it might cause print quality issues.

If your toner is running low or empty, a replacement should take care of the problem. However, if your copier continues to have problems, it is probably a malfunction issue owing to either compatibility complications or manufacturer error. In this case, you should have a word with a trustworthy copier specialist and select a toner that is most suitable for your copier.

3. Streak/Lines on Paper

The quality of your documents will suffer if they have streaks, lines or other such anomalies. This mostly happens in the presence of foreign substances on the scanner glass or fuser issues. This should be looked at by a copier specialist, as common fixes usually don’t work in this scenario and it requires some expertise for quick resolution.

4. Discolouration

Poor quality or discoloured printing can be quite frustrating on busy days. If your copies are either too light or too dark, it usually means there is an imbalance in the density controls on your photocopier. You can check the manual and reset the density levels – this usually works.

If the problem is not in the density levels, it might mean that your drum is probably going to expire soon or the toner is not working. Usage of aftermarket toner could be another reason as in most cases they don’t align with manufacturer codes. Replacements should fix the problem.

5. Spots on Copies

The most likely reason is debris collection on the copy mirror, which can be easily corrected with cleaning, which you can get done by following the manual instructions. Random spots, however, might indicate that your photocopier needs some serious TLC – get some servicing and maintenance done for it to work seamlessly.

Common Photocopier Problems

However, don’t make this list worry you. Most brands of photocopiers are stable and offer good service.

Copy away!

Common photocopier problems article and permission to publish here provided by Daniel Calvin at Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on December 13, 2019.