The Call To Action … Where It All Begins!

Call to Action

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“The Board is REALLY upset.  They want a plan to dramatically improve our Supply Chain inventory turnover performance and they want it now.  Will you lead this for me?”  That was a call to action.

My boss had just got out of the Board meeting and these were his words to me.  The company had historically performed very poorly in managing inventory.  And it was not only consuming a lot of cash but it was impacting our profitability with the high carrying charges and write-offs.  Also it impacted  our competitive position as customers and competitors didn’t believe we knew how to manage inventory, and Supply Chain, very well.

This was a Call To Action!

The Catalysts for Change

There are many catalysts driving the need to change.  It could be competitive pressures.  It may be financial performance, or lack thereof.   There may be processes that aren’t performing very efficiently or cost effectively.  It may just be your personal desire to do better at some aspect of your job or to differentiate yourself from your peers.  Or there may be no pressing issue at all because you and your company are performing well.

But there is a recognition that to be stagnant and complacent is to invite lacklustre performance in the future.  Headhunters are typically recruiting for candidates who will specifically drive change.

Whatever the reason may be, having a Call To Action is a very effective starting point for driving transformative change … to change the game!

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Given this Call To Action you have a choice.  Do you take the reins and accept the challenge? Do you leave this task to others?  And do you watch the game from the stands or do you get on the field and make a difference?

Those who want to truly change the game and make a difference must jump in and play the game.  If you embrace this responsibility then you have started the journey which will allow you the opportunity to achieve game changing results.


Define your own Call to Action!

If you are looking to make changes, to make a difference, and you haven’t received the Call To Action that you are looking for from someone else, then be proactive … create that Call To Action yourself.

Define the problem you are trying to solve.  Define the end result you are trying to achieve.  And then communicate it!  Rally people around it, and you!  Solicit support.

You may find that others share your views.  Even better you may receive feedback, positive or negative, which changes, shapes, and strengthens your Call To Action.  In any case everyone who seeks to help you will become invested in the results you are trying to achieve, which will be very important as you move forward.

Having a Call To Action is a phenomenal tool.  You will be able to leverage this to great effect as you pursue your mission.

Step up to the Challenge

I accepted the challenge from my Boss, and the Board, which I recalled at the beginning of this Supply Chain blog.  The results that were achieved were quite astonishing and unprecedented (see some of our other posts).

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Accomplishing great things does not usually come easily.  It may be  unnerving.  And it may make you uncomfortable.  And it is certainly not without its risk.  But if you take up the challenge and answer the Call To Action you have taken the first step to achieving great things.

And it all starts by recognizing and accepting this Call To Action.

Originally published January 12, 2017.

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