Tips for Hiring an Attorney for Military Water Contamination!

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Military members and their families are often faced with difficult legal decisions. Camp Lejeune, a Marine Corps Base in North Carolina, was recently hit with the largest environmental disaster in its history when toxic water was discovered in wells throughout the base.

Following the discovery, numerous former members of the military have filed lawsuits against the government seeking compensation for personal injury and property damage. This negligence of workplace safe practices by the U.S. government is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

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How Do Decimal Smart Contracts Work?

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For ordinary people, the crypto boom is unambiguously associated with new profit opportunities. Blockchain was created as an operational basis to ensure the functioning of digital money. But, unlike traditional payment systems, it does not depend on state regulators and is decentralized.

The emergence of smart contract cryptocurrency platforms has significantly expanded the capabilities of the blockchain, turning it into an effective tool of the digital era. The DecimalChain platform was designed as such, and it is one of the brightest smart contract examples.

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Labor Laws: Your Freelancer Might Be An Employee!

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It was traditionally the IRS’s regulations on worker status that determined whether to issue a W-2 or 1099 at the end of the year.

The Department of Labor has issued additional guidance in the memo, “Additions to Employee Misclassification Regulation Guidelines,” to clarify how classification of workers should be assessed. The Department explains that employment policies will be evaluated using six different factors such as the degree of employer’s control or right to control the worker and the worker’s investment in facilities.

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6 Essential Provisions in a Supply Chain Contract!

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Maintaining quality and brand image in a supply chain can pose a business risk if you’re a manufacturer. You have authorized dealers whose core operations you don’t fully control. In addition, you may also use brand ambassadors who help promote your company. Therefore a supply chain contract or sponsorship agreement would be best in such instances. 

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