What is the Digital Supply Chain?

All of the technologies that we hear about every day, from Blockchain to Virtual Reality, have many areas of applicability in both our personal and business lives. But in the area of Supply Chain, which truly spans the entire operations of most any company, these technologies provide the platform to totally redefine how the work … Continue reading “What is the Digital Supply Chain?”

Technologies Reshaping the Digital Supply Chain!

In our ongoing technologies series, we have concentrated on the Informational and analytical innovation applications which are reshaping digital supply chain technology as we know it. Namely Blockchain technology, IoT, ( The Internet of Things ), supply chain digitization and 3-D printing. These technologies are the breakthrough supply chain software applications which are fueling supporting … Continue reading “Technologies Reshaping the Digital Supply Chain!”

Cyber Security and the Digital Supply Chain!

When it comes to the modern supply chain managers have a relatively new risk to consider:  Cyber Security! As major logistics providers from all around the world struggle with keeping their private data secure, businesses are investing time and resources to address this serious concern. From shutting down major ports to the risk of losing … Continue reading “Cyber Security and the Digital Supply Chain!”

The Digital Supply Chain Journey: Step 2 – Digital Transformation Leadership!

Getting anything done requires resources and management. Getting change to happen requires that plus leadership, drive and conviction. Getting a digital transformation to take hold takes all of that plus bravery, resolve, unrelenting persistence, risk taking, tenacity and courage. At the heart of a Digital Supply Chain transformation is Change Leadership. We do not mean … Continue reading “The Digital Supply Chain Journey: Step 2 – Digital Transformation Leadership!”

How Did the Digital Supply Chain Evolve?

People often position the digital supply chain as essential for helping today’s businesses succeed. What a digitized supply chain entails, though, changed over the years due to the evolution of technologies and how people use them. Let’s look at how did the Digital Supply Chain evolve?

High-Speed Hosting: Optimizing the Digital Backbone of Supply Chain!

In the fast-paced supply chain management landscape, where milliseconds can make a difference, the role of high-speed hosting services cannot be overstated.  Your digital infrastructure serves as the backbone of seamless operations, ensuring that information flows swiftly and securely across the various nodes of your supply chain. Let’s explore how embracing high-speed hosting can elevate … Continue reading “High-Speed Hosting: Optimizing the Digital Backbone of Supply Chain!”

The Coming Evolution of the Digital Supply Chain!

The evolution of the Digital Supply Chain, the broad concept that cloud-based systems, analytics and monitoring of goods, vehicles and other assets via the Internet of Things will improve the way supply chains run, is a major concern for many logistics organizations today. We know its coming, but how many have a clear understanding of the technology … Continue reading “The Coming Evolution of the Digital Supply Chain!”

The Internet of Things (IoT) – Welcome the Digital Supply Chain!

Over the last 5 years there has been an explosion of smart and connected devices. Gartner is predicting that by 2020 there will be 37 Billion connected devices and more than 4.3 Zetabytes of data generated by these devices.  The Internet of Things (IoT) is well upon us! Quick adoption of health devices like Fitbit … Continue reading “The Internet of Things (IoT) – Welcome the Digital Supply Chain!”

Digital Supply Chain Predictions!

Digital transformation is now the overriding priority for most manufacturers and retailers, with the adoption of digital technologies aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness in the shorter term while providing the opportunity to grow a leaner operational protocol in the future. The focus is definitely on the efficiency of operations relating to technological applications. The … Continue reading “Digital Supply Chain Predictions!”

The 5 Big Benefits of the Digital Supply Chain!

What’s the core difference between today’s supply chain and benefits of the digital supply chain? Look down at your desk. What do you see? If you see paper, pen, and a computer, you see the typical, modern supply chain.   If asked, could you provide the latest information on your current automation, key performance indicators, data, … Continue reading “The 5 Big Benefits of the Digital Supply Chain!”

Digital Twinning of Supply Chains!

This Digital Twinning of Supply Chains article focuses on transformative ideation of transport & logistics value chains. Current practices of Digitization, e-shopping and industry 4.0 have disrupted the market which is embarking for a revision of managed processes, policies and outcomes that may have once served the business well but are now being challenged at … Continue reading “Digital Twinning of Supply Chains!”

5 Steps Towards Digital Supply Chain Transformation!

Here we present five important steps for all individuals that are interested in digital supply chain transformation to help you attain success despite the numerous challenges that you are likely to experience.  In a digital supply chain, the different foundations are created using web-based elements. In the current generation, most systems are hybrid, which means … Continue reading “5 Steps Towards Digital Supply Chain Transformation!”

The Digital Supply Chain Road is Full of Potholes, Construction and Accidents!

The Digital Supply Chain road, or Supply Chain 4.0, is the path to the future. Enabled by highly publicized technologies such as Blockchain, Big Data, the Internet of Things, Autonomous Vehicles, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual/Augmented Reality, 3D Printing and more the Digital Supply Chain holds great promise and exciting opportunities. But even with established … Continue reading “The Digital Supply Chain Road is Full of Potholes, Construction and Accidents!”

Digital Transformation: Lessons from Bitcoin Casinos for Revolutionizing Supply Chain!

The world of business is undergoing a significant shift with the advent of digital transformation. As organizations seek to optimize their operations, supply chain processes have become a focal point for innovation.  Surprisingly, there are valuable lessons that can be gleaned from an unexpected source: the realm of cryptocurrency casinos. 

The Digital Supply Chain Infographic!

Supply Chain 4.0 is the manifestation of the Digital Supply Chain of the future as enabled by many of the Disruptive Technologies that we all hear about every day. Here we review our Digital Supply Chain infographic. Everyone is impacted by the advancement of technology in both their personal and professional lives.  And that impact … Continue reading “The Digital Supply Chain Infographic!”