What is the Digital Supply Chain?

All of the technologies that we hear about every day, from Blockchain to Virtual Reality, have many areas of applicability in both our personal and business lives. But in the area of Supply Chain, which truly spans the entire operations of most any company, these technologies provide the platform to totally redefine how the work … Continue reading “What is the Digital Supply Chain?”

Digital Supply Chain Predictions!

Digital transformation is now the overriding priority for most manufacturers and retailers, with the adoption of digital technologies aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness in the shorter term while providing the opportunity to grow a leaner operational protocol in the future. The focus is definitely on the efficiency of operations relating to technological applications. The … Continue reading “Digital Supply Chain Predictions!”

The 5 Big Benefits of the Digital Supply Chain!

What’s the core difference between today’s supply chain and benefits of the digital supply chain? Look down at your desk. What do you see? If you see paper, pen, and a computer, you see the typical, modern supply chain.   If asked, could you provide the latest information on your current automation, key performance indicators, data, … Continue reading “The 5 Big Benefits of the Digital Supply Chain!”

Digital Twinning of Supply Chains!

This Digital Twinning of Supply Chains article focuses on transformative ideation of transport & logistics value chains. Current practices of Digitization, e-shopping and industry 4.0 have disrupted the market which is embarking for a revision of managed processes, policies and outcomes that may have once served the business well but are now being challenged at … Continue reading “Digital Twinning of Supply Chains!”

5 Steps Towards Digital Supply Chain Transformation!

Here we present five important steps for all individuals that are interested in digital supply chain transformation to help you attain success despite the numerous challenges that you are likely to experience.  In a digital supply chain, the different foundations are created using web-based elements. In the current generation, most systems are hybrid, which means … Continue reading “5 Steps Towards Digital Supply Chain Transformation!”

The Digital Supply Chain Road is Full of Potholes, Construction and Accidents!

The Digital Supply Chain road, or Supply Chain 4.0, is the path to the future. Enabled by highly publicized technologies such as Blockchain, Big Data, the Internet of Things, Autonomous Vehicles, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual/Augmented Reality, 3D Printing and more the Digital Supply Chain holds great promise and exciting opportunities. But even with established … Continue reading “The Digital Supply Chain Road is Full of Potholes, Construction and Accidents!”

B2B Connectivity Leading The Way For Digital Supply Chains!

There is an abundance of chatter in shipping and freight about digitizing supply chains, with reports that more spending than ever before is being poured into developing software and platforms. The consensus across industries is that improving supply chain visibility and B2B connectivity is a primary challenge, and that digitizing the supply chain is a … Continue reading “B2B Connectivity Leading The Way For Digital Supply Chains!”

The Metaverse and the Digital Supply Chain!

One of the terms that has entered the zeitgeist, holding the promise of providing some exciting new future state, is the “Metaverse”. For some time we have also been describing a future that will define much of how businesses and economies and institutions will run in the future. We call this the “Digital Supply Chain” … Continue reading “The Metaverse and the Digital Supply Chain!”

Stand Out Digital Supply Chain Strategies!

The digital economy is bringing a paradigm shift in the business models and Digital Supply Chain strategies across the world, thus blurring the industry boundaries. No matter the niche, the customer today expects both products and services to be delivered real quick and tailored to unique requirements. Effective digital supply chain strategies can help organizations … Continue reading “Stand Out Digital Supply Chain Strategies!”

The Digital Supply Chain Journey : Step 1 – The Vision!

The Digital Supply Chain is the future. The end to end electronic connectivity of all elements of the Supply Chain, as enabled by an extensive array of exciting new technologies, will define all progression over the next few decades. But how does this Digital Supply Chain journey begin? Simply, this journey begins with a vision. … Continue reading “The Digital Supply Chain Journey : Step 1 – The Vision!”

The Digital Supply Chain Infographic!

Supply Chain 4.0 is the manifestation of the Digital Supply Chain of the future as enabled by many of the Disruptive Technologies that we all hear about every day. Here we review our Digital Supply Chain infographic. Everyone is impacted by the advancement of technology in both their personal and professional lives.  And that impact … Continue reading “The Digital Supply Chain Infographic!”

Preparing Business for the Digital Supply Chain! Oracle Interviews Mike Mortson!

Mike Mortson was recently interviewed by Oracle as a part of the Oracle Global Supply Chain Influencer program. This article was posted on the Oracle Supply Chain Management blog. Supply chain professionals are hiking their spending on supply chain innovation—substantially. Ninety-five percent said they plan to spend more this year than last, and 60 percent will spend … Continue reading “Preparing Business for the Digital Supply Chain! Oracle Interviews Mike Mortson!”

Supply Chain and Digital Innovation in the Wake of Covid!

The pandemic has caused significant damage to several companies around the world. However, some of them have seized growth opportunities. The cause for this success was the use of automation and digital innovation in the wake of Covid rather than the use of manual processes. There was a huge challenge in the supply of food … Continue reading “Supply Chain and Digital Innovation in the Wake of Covid!”

Digital Procurement Improves Supply Chain!

The Hackett Group has recently released their analysis of their procurement benchmarking database. It demonstrates the advantages of working with a digital procurement strategy.  Some of the most notable areas where world-class procurement organizations outperformed the “peer group” were increased operating efficiency and how more effective they were at delivering their services to both, internal and … Continue reading “Digital Procurement Improves Supply Chain!”

Digital Supply Chain Overview! (Video)

Here we provide the Digital Supply Chain Overview video for you.  Supply Chain 4.0 is the manifestation of the Digital Supply Chain as enabled by the proliferation of Disruptive Technologies that are permeating every aspect of our lives. The Digital Supply Chain Overview video, created and published at Supply Chain Game Changer, is focused on … Continue reading “Digital Supply Chain Overview! (Video)”